Friday, March 18, 2016

We ended up in Kansas

Friday, March 18, 2016

This morning I looked over our travel plans on my Microsoft Streets and Trips software.  My normal path is to just follow I-40 all the way to St. Louis. 

But, I hate paying the tollway fees going from Oklahoma City to Joplin, Missouri.  They just irritate me.  I think over the years, I have paid enough tollway fees on those roads to pay for them.  So, looking over the map, I decided to go northeast on hwy 54 at Tucumcari, New Mexico to Liberal, Kansas.

We started out in New Mexico this morning around 9:30 to Tucumcari and then drove northeast on hwy 54 through the Texas panhandle and then the Oklahoma panhandle and just over the state line we stopped around 5:00 PM for the night in Liberal, Kansas at the Walmart parking lot.  Four states for the day. 

I must say, the flat plains of Texas and Oklahoma are pretty drab.  Just as we hit Texas, it clouded up and by the time we got to our destination, it was 32 degrees and spitting snow. 

Hwy 54, Texas panhandle

Hwy 54, Texas panhandle

Racing a train towards the town of Hooker, Oklahoma.

Hooker, Oklahoma

It is going down to 22 degrees for the night, so definitely be burning the propane tonight.  I am sure now, our southwestern trip is definitely over.

See you later.


  1. We lived in Albuq for 30 years before retiring, & since both of us were from MO, we did that same route many many MANY times. I'd rather deal with boring & flat than Amarillo, OK City & Tulsa!


    1. I agree Renee. The road was good and no traffic to slow us down. Won't do 40 again.

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