Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Kofa Mountains to Black Mountain

Location:  Old Darby Road near Ajo, Arizona

Had a nice sleep Sunday night and woke up ready to move on from this beautiful place.  Would Liked to have stayed longer but got things to do.  I have an appointment in Yuma for 12:30 so I had plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast.
If I'm not resting outside, I'm resting inside.
Last picture of my beautiful place.
Around 10:45, I started heading south towards Yuma.

Working on hwy 95 near Palm Canyon Road.  Lots of traffic backed up due to only one lane.
My Navigator. :))
 Made it to RV Connection right at 12:30 and Tom was soon hard at work.  All he had to get done was to move a wire from the 50 amp breaker box to the 30 amp breaker box that was powered by the solar panels.
By 3:30 Tom was finished and I was on my way.  I quickly decided to head towards Black Mountain near Ajo, Arizona.  Reason, I decided that was I am familiar with the area, it is heading East towards home and it is way south where it is warm.  And it is a beautiful area with lots to see and do.
Even have Green Bay Packer fans in the Southwest, Ben.
Inspection station on I-10 heading out of Yuma, Arizona.
Heading over the mountains East of Yuma, Arizona.
And down into Dome Valley.

This is where Yuma sleeps when he is off duty. :))

Lots of trains.

Black Mountain off in the distance as the Sun is setting.
I thought I would make the two and a half hour drive in three hours and be in my new site before dark, but I misjudged and it was nearly 7 o'clock and quickly getting dark by the time I got to Old Darby Road and started heading down looking for a vacant site.
 Luckily, I know this area well.  I couldn't believe how crowded this place is so late in the season, but I finally located an empty site right in the area I always camp.  Near the mining tower about two miles down Old Darby Road.  Pulled in hoping the ground would support me and settled in for the night.

Had to make a quick run into Olsen's Grocery store to get Yuma some canned dog food.  He was completely out.  The store was well stocked but there were signs everywhere saying you could purchase only one item of each thing.

I guessed they moved quickly to keep people from hoarding the necessities.  Guess I'll stop by each day to get groceries I need.

My site in the morning Sun.  White Lion and Black Mountain.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I lucked out and got a great place to stay, so I guess this morning, I will set up camp to stay for awhile.

See you later.


  1. Thats a great picture of your new spot. Hopefully, your neighbors aren't too close. Sure all that solar power, switches, etc. work perfectly. FUN to see a train rumbling by. Hey! The Pack has fans everywhere I see. Yuma is a good traveller. He seems to like his spot there.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Yuma enjoys having lots of room and sleeping in his bed while traveling. Got a perfect place to stay with no close neighbors:))

  2. two miles down the dirt road, great way to practice social distancing! No Happy Hour for awhile. Now that the panic buying has cleaned out all the local stores, folks are crossing the border in droves to clean out the shelves in Mexico! Nice they are rationing there so everybody cab have what they need.

    1. Living alone in the desert does ha e its benefits. Hopefully shortages don't last long and we get back to normal soon. Meantime I'll hide out.

  3. Happy St. Patrick's day! I see you got a pretty good navigator. Great pictures of palm canyon home yesterday! Happy to see you were able to gain 5 lbs by moving your scale off the rug!😂

  4. You're a good dad to take care of Yuma that way! :) Glad you're in a place you know, as we don't like driving that late. Enjoy, and so glad you got your solar finished!