Saturday, March 27, 2021

Visiting Day

This morning I woke up at 8 o'clock to a nice warm temperature for once in a great while.  Supposed to get to 72 today and 80s from now on, so we're getting Arizona weather finally.

Rawn had contacted me by phone yesterday but I didn't catch it till this morning after he alerted me.  We got together on Text and he plans to visit on Sunday.  Glad we got on the same page. 😊

I checked my glucose last evening before dinner and it was 106 which is great.  Decided to not have my pudding and whipped cream for dessert to see if my number improved and sure enough it did.  This morning my number was 111 and that isn't bad.  I think with a little eating adjustment I will be good. 😁 

Jerry and Elva arrived around 11:30 and are parked not far from my site.  After they had lunch and I finished breakfast I went over and had a short visit.  Elva had set up a visitation with Nancy, Kissack Adventures at 1:30 so we were soon heading to her house about 12 miles from here.  

Nancy is leaving for her other home in California on Sunday morning so this was our last chance to see her home and new travel trailer.  We were busy talking and looking around so I only took a few pictures.

Jerry and Nancy

Elva and Nancy
New 5th wheel in a beautiful cover

 Soon we were inside meeting her long time companion Jonathan of 48 years.

He was very curious about us and especially Yuma.  Luckily Yuma kept his nose clear of the cage and made himself right at home. 😀 

Nancy has a beautiful home overlooking the Rincon Valley.

Nancy is showing Elva the little watering hole the animals come up to at night and are caught on her movement activated night camera.
We visited for several hours and then left Nancy to finish her packing in preparation for her three day drive with her new trailer in tow.  Have a safe journey, Nancy!

Getting ready for another pork chop, half potato and beans again tonight.  May even splurge on one pudding and not so much whipped cream.  Ready for a day in the 80s tomorrow.😎
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  1. Glad it's finally warming up for you. You all had a busy day of visiting and checking out Nancy's new rig. She has quite a nice view. I'm sure Yuma would not have liked to get too close to Jonathan. 😃

    1. Thanks Dolly. That Jonathan has has a big beak. Glad it's warming up but it's going high fast. 90 by the end of the week.😎

  2. See you tomorrow Doug! About noon.

  3. Little Elva is so tiny! I think a feather could blow her over. So happy you guys came to visit before I left. Here's to good friends ... I'll see you later in the year!!!

    1. Enjoyed my visit. Great place you have. Hopefully I'll be back. Have a good trip.

  4. Hugs all around! I love it! I didn't realize Jonathan was 48! WOW! What a wonderful visit! Enjoy your company today! Glad you two were able to work it out! Any word on the guy coming back out to fix your problem?

    1. Wish you were help. The repairman should be here Tuesday. Jonathan is a young guy😁

  5. Always nice sharing time with Friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Companion of 48 years!!! That’s amazing!