Monday, April 5, 2021

Gates Pass

 This morning, Friday, I woke up at 7 o’clock and got up by 7:30.  It’s moving day.  The heat is getting too much to be comfortable and time to move east and up to cooler temps.

But before we get to that I need to cover what happened yesterday, Thursday, April 1st driving over Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains just 15 minutes north of where I’m staying.  Heading towards the mountains.

Heading into the park.  
The Tucson Mountains are rugged and beautiful.

Before we get into the pass, we pass Old Tucson.  It is an old American Movie Studio and a theme park, but it is closed.

We turn right onto the road going through the pass between mountains.  Heading up and into the pass.  We started on the west side in the Saguaro National Park and ended up on the east side looking down into Tucson.


We are at the top of the pass looking west into the Saguaro National Park.  

Looking east down into Tucson.  We drove down a short way until we started getting into housing and then turned around and went back over the pass and then on to Snyder Hill.
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  1. Beautiful pictures of the Tucson Mountains. There were lots of wonderful saguaros up there. You looked like you were about to get blown off the top of the mounta5in there. 😁 I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to cooler weather.

  2. It is surprising how close the Saguaro Park and the city are together. Fun sight of all the cactus marching up the hill.

  3. There's another great spot to visit ... the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. There's a hefty entry fee, but it's worth it. Lots of trails to walk while you hunt for the animals. They have all the snakes and poison things in a building, along with a cool gift shop. Just another place to check out next time. Sadly, Old Tucson is closed permanently. Hoping someone takes it over. It's an old movie set used in dozens of Westerns.