Monday, April 5, 2021

Visiting Chiricahua National Monument

 This morning, Saturday, April 3rd, the sun beat through our window at 7:30 when I got up.  Last evening I drove the Jeep up further into the canyon and looked to see if I could find a better parking site, but couldn't find one.  Quite a few smaller rigs parked in the trees.

This morning, I wasn't in a hurry, so enjoyed a nice slow breakfast.  The road to the top of Chiricahua Mountains is on the other side of the one in front of me to the north.

It was 11:30 when we made the four mile rough ride out of Pinery Canyon and to the entrance.  No one at the gate and there is no entrance fee.

The first stop was several miles up the road and it was the Faraway Ranch, the first settlement in this area.
Yuma meets a friend in the parking area of the ranch.

I was surprised at how modern the Riggs home was.  Large and beautiful, but unfortunately it was locked.
Same cabin as the one above the main house but looking back across the creek bridge.

After leaving the ranch, it was a beautiful five mile drive on a very nice asphalt road to the top.  It starts out in the forest and ends up going around hair-pin curves overlooking cliffs towards the summit.  There are endless numbers of Hoodoos everywhere.

At the top of the summit.

I could see a small building on the top of Sugarloaf Mountain north of the summit.  I had passed a turn-off that went towards the mountain.  Maybe, I can drive up there.

Hoodoos, Hoodoos, Hoodoos!
Had a very nice time and it wasn't a long drive from where we are staying, but it is over 40 miles from Interstate 10.

We drove up the side road to the parking area for the Sugarloaf Mountain trail to the top. Two miles round trip by foot😩.  Not bad but I was tired, so maybe tomorrow.

Just before we got to the White Lion, I saw wild turkeys crossing the road ahead.
Stopped the Jeep where they crossed.  Must have been about nine of them now meandering through the brush.
Turned around to go back to the Jeep and there was number ten all bewildered and stuck between me and his friends😱  What does he do?
Serious guy determined to stifle his fears and make a dash across the road.  Lucky to catch him he was moving so fast.😀

Took a little hike before dinner up the wash in front of the White Lion.

Long day but fun.  Sure glad I made the decision to drive up here.

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  1. Lots of great photo memories. We were lucky enough to get an inside tour of the Faraway Ranch. We did hike that Sugarloaf trail and I recall it as being very scenic. You are in a great area and Fort Bowie, the cemetery, and Apache Springs, is close by and it's a great hike if you come into the Fort from a parking lot a mile or so to the north alongside the Apache Pass. Nice to see you experiencing some new areas. There is a lot of history right there in Cochise County and its another one of our favorite areas. Lots of memories.

    1. I knew you had been all over that area. It is remote and the Sugarloaf is a beautiful hike.

  2. The views are pretty spectacular. I could live there for sure. I thought the ranch house was pretty amazing considering the area and what it took to build something that big. Cool you saw the turkeys ... only deer when I was there. Fort Bowie is also a great stop ... if you can get past the washboard road. It's a hard one to swallow and my truck wasn't hungry.

    1. Thanks Nancy. I had never seen a wild turkey but now i have😃 If I never see another wash board road agai I would be happy😆

  3. Thank you Franklin. I'm not sure if he saw the big group and i was too busy trying to get a picture of the last one. He was in the Jeep. He probably would have chased them given the opportunity.😊