Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hike to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain on Easter!

 Woke up this morning, Sunday, April 4th and made the final decision to hike to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.  Happy Easter everyone!  Yuma and I had a fairly quick breakfast and we were on our way by 11 o'clock.  Going to be a puffy cloud day with warm temperatures and a nice breeze.  Drove straight to the trailhead and when I read the poster, I was shocked to find out No Dogs Allowed.

There were only two other vehicles in the parking lot so I made an executive decision to put Yuma on a leash and we both headed out.

Right away, I could tell this was going to be a beautiful trail to hike.  One mile up and one mile down.  Not too bad!  We are already quite high in the mountains when we start, so the canyons were steep right at the start.

Not going to do a lot of talking and just let the views do it for me.  And they are spectacular to see!

We had just started when a family of four passed by heading back down and then a young man soon did too.  He said there was no one else on the trail so we would have it all to ourselves😃

We made about a three quarter circle around the mountain as we headed up, so the incline was never too demanding.  Finally, I could see the outpost.

Once we reached the top I was pooped.  Yuma had to pull me up the last 100 feet😂
Once we got to the top, we rested and then walked around the area taking pictures.  Probably spent a good hour enjoying the serenity and solitude.

Few more pictures of the hike back down.  Yuma was very interested in the view too!

I bet the Raven has a beautiful view!

As we were nearing the parking lot, we met up with a man heading for the top.  I knew someone was coming because I saw the truck from above.  His wife was waiting in the truck for him to return.

I know it's picture overload but everything was just too fantastic!  I am so glad I made this hike.  Probably the best I've ever taken other than the Grand Canyon.

Got home around 4 o'clock and had a quick dinner of hotdogs and then Yuma and I were off to bed.  Yuma was tired and so was I.  Had cramps in my legs and my ankles hurt like the dickens, but it was worth it😀

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. A few achy feet and legs was definitely worth that beautiful hike! What amazing pictures of the area. Sugarloaf is a must see for a5nyone heading out that way. Thank you for the gorgeous photos of your trip to the top.

  2. Wow! What a spectacular view from up there! Very cool landscape! Pictures are awesome!!

  3. Now that's an great hike with awesome views! Thanks for taking me along, I doubt I'd have seen it otherwise :)

  4. Your photos in this post were exceptional and verify my thoughts over the years. Why go anywhere else for the winter when there are all these beautiful places to see right there in the great American Southwest.

  5. The views are fabulous. Most people don't even know there are mountains in the desert!! I'm glad you took Yuma with you. Looks like he enjoyed the views too!!!

  6. Ditto all the above comments. I hope you have a nice rest day so your ankles can recover.

  7. Hey, Yuma helped you up the mountain, so Yuma was just acting as a service dog...can't stop service dogs from being on trails! :)