Friday, April 9, 2021

Heading home - Day 5

This morning my plan is to make one last long day to be close to home.  It was just gorgeous all last night and this morning.  Almost too warm over night with lows in the low 50s.  We got up at 7:30 and again we were on the road by 8:15 with no breakfast.  Got a stop to make.  Perfect day for traveling.

When I stepped outside with Yuma to go take a walk near the woods behind the rest area someone fired off a gun and that was it for Yuma.  He turned around and ran back to the White Lion and hid in the bathroom.  What luck!😝

About 20 miles down the road in Carthage, Missouri is an RV Parts store that carries lots of Safari Serengeti used parts.  I want to stop by and get a light cover I tore off my first time going into my driveway last year.  And several other little things I've broken over the year.

The name of the place is COLAW RV Parts at exit 22 on I-40.  They had my light cover and after meeting the gang working there I really like them.  They had a huge manual of items they sell and I can call and have them deliver parts in the future.  If I don't see it, just send a picture of the item I want and details and they will check for it.

Spent about an hour and we were off towards St. Louis.  I hate going anywhere near that traffic😡  We took our breakfast break at my favorite rest area in Missouri around 11 o'clock.  It is the Conway Rest Area just east of Springfield.  Lots of Route 66 buildings.

Then my thought turned to St. Louis.  Whether to go straight through or take the 270 by-pass.  Maps girl said to go straight through but I was too afraid to do it so I took the by-pass.  It was bad enough.  

This whole city is on the highway from the looks of the crowds of vehicles racing by me.  I found that the White Lion runs better going fast so we did the speed limit of 70 most of today.  It ran up and down the Missouri hills much better at speed.

Drove right past Fort Leonard Wood where I did my Army Basic Training in 1967.  Stopped just outside St. Louis to refill for the last time and they also had a dump station so got that potential problem done also.

Finally, we crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois

and shortly after at 4:30 we pulled into our rest area for the night.  Only 2 hours to home from here so tomorrow will be an easy day and I will arrive home rested.  Supposed to turn much cooler with rain tonight and tomorrow, so glad my day will be short.

First thing I did was to set up my Dish for tonight's Gold shows.  Dave Turin and Freddy Dodge.  Then we rested for awhile and then I fixed a yummy pork chop and potato.  For some reason driving makes me hungry.  Finished up with a salad and pudding dessert.

Almost 9 o'clock now and as soon as the shows are over we'll be resting for tomorrow.  Last night on the road😀

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You'd better enjoy those 80° days. I'm glad you had a good day on the road. See you tomorrow.

  2. I still remember driving from Ft. Harrison, IN, to San Diego in 1953. I got to St. Louis, and the first thing I saw was was a large highway sign: "TO AVOID ST. LOUIS, TAKE NEXT EXIT." I tried a new flavor pudding last night: Banana Cream Pie. It was very good, I'll be buying it again soon. I just had another one tonight. Phil

  3. Glad you're, resting, and two hours to home! Take care, Rawn

  4. "Coming down the home stretch'....Always a great feeling:))

  5. Poor Yuma!!! Least he ran to the right door! Take care on that big turn into your driveway!!! Nice to have an RV shop where you just send them a picture. I would really like THAT!!!

  6. Like yourself our Truck runs better at the higher RPM. It makes it much easier to do long climbs as well.
    Can't understand why Yuma is so scared of Gunfire.
    Down to that last stretch. Wishing you Safe Travels.
    Enjoy being home with Dolly.

    It's about time.

  7. You are probably home by now. Glad your return trip was a good one. I always look forward to your blog. I will miss you and Yuma. See you in the Fall 2021!