Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Heading home - Day 1

 This morning, Monday, April 5th is the day I've decided to start home.  Been in the southwest for over four months and the days are getting hotter and the cooler temperatures back home are looking good to me now.

Took our last walk along the road near the White Lion and told Yuma it was time to head home.  He must know what I mean, because he took off like a shot!

When I came around the corner there he was waiting for me.
Beautiful morning and it is calling for a nice day to travel, so we pulled out early around 8:30 heading back up towards I-10 on the other side of that mountain.
Yuma was a big help as my side-kick passenger.  He took most of the pictures😁
Mostly, it was an uneventful trip and my destination is the Roadrunner Rest Area overlooking Las Cruces, New Mexico.

That Yuma was slow on this picture, but he got most of it.😃

 Yuma met a couple of friends at a rest area. 

Better with this picture.

We drove about 200 mile today.  Not far in numbers but I was bushed by the time we got there.  Lost an hour so it was 7:30 when we finally arrived.  We made a number of stops.  One of them was for dinner and a long rest east of Deming and almost decided to stay the night there, but we really wanted to stay at the Roadrunner, so went an hour further after our rest.

Here's what I wanted to see!

And the beautiful evening view of Las Cruces!
And to top it off, just after I took this picture, a mourning dove cooed at me.  Nice ending for my first day on the road.

I plan to post one more time tonight covering day 2 and day 3 of my journey east.  Not much, but for documentation.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sure have enjoyed your blog this winter . Sure will miss it but I know you need to go home . Safe travels

  2. Yuma did a good job snapping pictures for you. 😃 He always seems to find friends on the way. Have safe travels home!

  3. Quite often the best part of going away is coming home and I have found that to be true over the years and especially so in the latter years of our travels. That Roadrunner spot is a good one and especially so at night with the lights of Los Cruces to the east. May you have clear roads and a good tailwind at your back on your journey home.

  4. I've enjoyed your blogs again. That Yuma keeps getting better taking all those great pictures. Have a safe trip home, and hope to see you get on the road again next winter. Gord.