Monday, December 12, 2022

Big Buddy may win!

 Last night was very windy, until around 3:30 when it finally died down.  A big cold front is making its way across the country and we got just a side swipe.  Be cooler this week, but not bad enough to keep me in all week.

After breakfast, I started reviewing another U-tube video in an effort to fix this darn Big Buddy.  Deb came over at noon to help me and we worked till 2:30 with not much improvement from yesterday.  Maybe, tomorrow.  Not ready to give up yet.

It had been sunny till mid afternoon when the clouds again came in and it quickly cooled.  High of only 58 today and the afternoon breeze was uncomfortable.

Over the last few days, a group of RVs came into our area.  There is plenty of room, but they moved in right next door to us.  Aggravating!  Deb and Riley, moved early this morning, and I was going to wait till tomorrow, but around 4:30 when the weather cleared a little, I just made a quick move about a mile closer to the mountains in the next RV area from Deb and Riley.  

Didn't pack anything.  Just took Deb's truck down and picked up everything I had outside and put it back up.  A quick move!  Had a couple of hamburgers for dinner while watching Monday Night Football.   Not exciting, but a busy day.

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  1. That darn heater. Hopefully, you can figure out the problem. It's too bad people have to come in and set up right next to you all. At least, it was a short move. Maybe the weather will improve in the best few days. Poor Yuma's probably getting bored with heater repairs.

  2. I hope you guys have found the privacy you seek. There is so much room in the desert, yet you're never really alone.

  3. So did the White Lion start up okay for the short trip? Yeah not nice with all that space to set up right next to you! At least it was just a quick move. Hope that weather warms up for you soon!

  4. I hate it when people do that. I've had them park 12 feet from me. What are they thinking??? Maybe someone in town can fix the BB?

  5. I’m sure it’s something simple that we are missing with BB. Maybe we should leave it alone for a day or two and try again.
    I like this spot.


  6. Our opinion is give it up and buy a new one..We did it in Blythe at True Value I think a few years ago. You've obviously got the propane line and the tank. Go get a new one!

  7. It's not that busy out here for people to park close. Good luck on the heater, we need heat with these cold AZ temps.