Saturday, December 17, 2022

And more pictures of Los Algodones, Mexico

 After lunch, we started our walk towards the exit of Mexico.

Some bartering going on.  Hope it isn't a drug buy!

While Mom was working, this little guy was having a great time throwing a little paper plane he had made.

There is my optical store.  Picking up my new glasses on Monday.

Everything is kept very clean.

Lots of color everywhere.

Me and my Mexican buddy.

I will cover my Jeep ride today in tomorrow's post.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. More interesting pictures of the shops and people of Los algodones. Such a fascinating place. I'm not sure who's thinner you or your buddy from Mexico. He's definitely taller. It must have been an enjoyable trip.

  2. For a second I thought you were sitting on his knee! It is Christmas time after all. Willie wasn’t buying any drugs but that woman was trying to get me to take her son her hands. Lol. It was very clean, I too noticed that right away.


  3. Next time you head down there, be sure and have the fish tacos. They are VERY good!!

  4. We noticed too that the vendors are always up early cleaning their areas.

  5. Great pictures from your trip to Mexico. After all that work you put into the Big Buddy in glad you got it working!!

  6. I think I might have recognized a couple of the street scenes and I too noticed how clean Mexican folks keep things. I also noticed that cleanliness in Puerto Palomas south of Columbus New Mexico and Puerto Vallarta south of Mazitlan.