Friday, December 16, 2022

More pictures of Los Algodones, Mexico

 Let's continue with my walk around Los Algodones.  Dolly asked me last night why the town was named Cotton.  Let me know in the comments if you knew why.  Originally, Los Algodones was an agricultural town dedicated to the harvest of cotton.  Today, they have found it is more profitable to harvest money from visiting tourists.

The only thing I did today was clean house as it was cold from the cold north winds.  Only a high of 55.  Tonight, of course I will be watching Gold Rush.  Let's get to more pictures of my visit.

Ambulance with lights and sirens going coming my way.

This picture reminds me of my visits to Saigon in 1969, courtesy of the US Army.

This tower kept my bearings.  See it and I know where to get out of Mexico.

Alcoves everywhere.

Our plan now is to go to a nice place for lunch.  Rick and Willie have been here many times and they made friends with one of the men that guide people to where they want to go.  Eloy works for many of the dentist, optometrist, pharmacies, so he recommends them and takes you there.  

Over the years, they became friends with Eloy.  He was with us till we had our business done and sat with us for awhile during lunch and then he was on his way back to work.  Very nice man and of course he knows everything and everyone.  The kind of friend to have.  Amazing how he remembers people after not seeing them for a year.

Rick joined us after his visit to the dentist.  Has to go back later.  This was a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better.  There was a gentlemen playing oldie goldie American songs with Mexican songs thrown in.  Of course, I had a BLT and water.  Just not a lover of Mexican food and I was hungry for some food I didn't make.

The afternoon was very sunny and actually quite warm sitting in the sun.  We had a relaxing time and I could have sat there all day just listening to the music and looking out over the street.  Cover more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. More interesting pictures of "The Cottons." Elroy must know about everyone and every business in town. You should have tried the Mexican food. You may have liked authentic Latin fare. The city looks like a fascinating place for those of us that haven't been there. Did you learn any Spanish words?

  2. I would seek Eloy ( not the Mexican spelling I am sure) out when we return, I have no doubt he would be helpful and remember us from being with Rick & Willie. I like the colours but wouldn’t like to be there when it’s busy.


    1. It was pretty busy even when the big crowds aren't there yet. Would be nice to see Eloy again

  3. We also have a friend who greets us every time with a warm hug. He remembers us each year and helps us find places. We've met 3 or 4 more who do the same thing and recall our visits, I'm sure Rick and Willie can say the same. our Mexican friends are very nice even if you don't spend $ at their booth.

    1. I was glad the vendors weren't real pushy. I wonder how those friends have such great memories. They must meet thousands each year.