Saturday, December 10, 2022

Short drive today and Big Horn Sheep

 This morning, I was determined to have a nice leisurely day.  Had a long breakfast and it was nearly noon, before I was out and about.  Quite warm, but comfortable.  Yuma kept looking over towards Deb and Riley's place and sure enough Deb came by for a short visit.  I finally have a friend that comes by often for a sip.  No longer afraid of me sitting near by.

I had this thought in my head of a place in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains I wanted Deb to see, so before dragging her through the rough country in the Jeep, I tried to find it first.  These mountains are rugged with rocks everywhere.

In front of the Jeep is a large ravine and as I look around this is what I see.  To make the story of the search short, I never did find the Jeep trail that I had taken in the past.  May have to do some research on my previous posts to find that day.  It may give me a clue.

It's a huge valley that has been torn apart by gold miners in centuries past.  It is near the town of Tumco, that I visited yesterday.

The search wasn't for naught though.  As I came up out of a ravine behind where I parked the Jeep above, I saw movement ahead of me across the valley.  I quickly pulled my camera and zoomed in on them.  

I believe they are young Big Horn Sheep.  Correct me if I am wrong.

They see us.

They kept slowly moving slowly further away and finally went into an area where I could no longer see them.  At one time, Yuma spotted them and started running in their direction, but he quickly realized he could never catch them and came back to me.

It was getting on 3 o'clock by the time we got home and I was ready to just lay back in my lounge chair and call it a day.  Had a great dinner of a pork chop, green beans and grilled potatoes.  Time for dessert now and soon call it a day.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You finally had a relaxing day. Yuma's always ready for visitors. Those sheep (deer?) don't like to be bothered. You got some good pictures of the herd. I hope you recall where the jeep trail is. I'm sure Deb would enjoy it - not the rocks so much, though. 😃

  2. Sighting a herd of sheep ... sounds like you found the right trail to a bit of serendipity that many visitors search for and not experience. Good for Yuma to admire from a distance.

  3. Great pic of the big horns. If you find the trail let me know.


  4. Nice find on the Big Horn Sheep! Looks like it was a fine day even not finding the right trail. Looks like the weather is beautiful. Been mostly gloomy hear.

  5. We've got some big horn sheep about 20 miles from here, but they blend in so well we rarely see them.

  6. Right trail or not the Big Horn made for a great day. I should be out your way Wednesday.