Friday, March 1, 2024

Time to say Goodbye

 Today is going to be a busy one.  I have to finish the last of the packing that didn't get done yesterday.  Thank goodness we had another day before March to get things done.

After breakfast, I finished the packing and hooked up the Jeep for a test run.  That's when I discovered the prongs for the jeep lights were a different size than on Miss Adventure Travels.

Maiden run with Jeep attached
I decided to start the test run and look for a place that had the plug size I needed. Bought one at the second place I tried.  As I headed up Apache Trail, I didn't even get out of Apache Junction, before I decided to forget the hills.  The MATII was pulling the Jeep so easily, I decided to just head back to the Compound.

Clea was scheduled to take Annie to the doctor at 2 o'clock and Alma and I were going to stay at the house.  Alma and I sat outside on the patio enjoying the beautiful day till Clea and Annie returned close to six o'clock.

Then it was time to head for my "going away dinner" at Dennys.  It was nearly 8 o'clock before we got home.  Thank you, ladies, for sharing dinner with me.  I have to say Dennys cooks great food and the portions are huge.  Went hungry and came back with a full stomach and a doggie bag.  Can't forget Yuma.

Clea, shy Alma, Doug, Annie

I plan to head west tomorrow for about 40 miles to Saddle Mountain and stay a day or more.  Teddy won't be coming along until I receive the adoption papers, so I'll pick him up on the way home.

It's been a long day and I'm bushed.  Time to hit the sack.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Haha! What do you mean you were glad to have an extra day before March?? Every day is the same for a retired person such as yourself. 🤣 Have a good and safe trip to Saddle Mountain. I'll bet Teddy will miss you boys.

  2. Good luck MATII!!! Don’t disappoint us!

  3. Travel safety, take your time. As Dolly said, you're retired!

  4. It looks like all is good.
    If the adoption process is quick, you can drive back with the Jeep to pick Teddy up before leaving Q.
    Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway……..
    Safe travels.


  5. Best of luck with the MATII! It'll be great to be back out adventuring! Poor Teddy doesn't get to go on the maiden voyage 😞. Safe travels!

  6. If the plug on the Jeep worked on Miss Adventures and the White Lion then someone changed the one on MatII. Hopefully it was an easy switch over.
    Looking forward to reading how Teddy takes to traveling.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Q.

    It's about time.