Short Jeep Ride and Visitors

Sunday, February 26, 2017

My location:  Eight miles West of Bouse, Arizona just off Plomosa Drive

Much warmer this morning, but more clouds than previous mornings.  Did catch the sun before the heavier clouds from the West covered the area. 


This morning first thing, I decided to try the big generator one more time.  Pushed the button and it started right up.  I’ll be darn.  Then I noticed I had the RV engine running and did not have the converter plugged in.  I had unplugged it to run my inverter the other night and hadn’t plugged it back in yet.  Maybe, the converter  is drawing too much power when it first tries to start.  Just glad it started.  Now I can charge my five  AGM batteries today.  Was getting down to 12.2 volts.

We went on our morning walk and I got breakfast done and my blogs read.  It was still cloudy and cool and we had a little sprinkle, so we just relaxed indoors for awhile. 


Ain’t he sweet!


While reading my blogs, I happened to notice Barbara of Me and My Dog …and My RV was giving praises to a generator repairman in Quartzsite.   I need generator repair or maintenance, so I am going to give Bob Drummer of Drummer’s Generator a visit tomorrow morning.  Thanks Barbara!  Very timely.

About noon, the sun came out and we were ready to go somewhere.  After our long ride yesterday, Yuma didn’t want to go on a long one again today.


Al, of Travel with the Bayfield Bunch had mentioned that Yellowbird Road out of Bouse might be interesting, so that’s where we went.  However, the road quickly turned into an ATV trail and got pretty rough.  Yuma wasn’t up for that.

We crossed this beautiful wash full of red rock.


Looks like a cascading red rock waterfall.


It was a beautiful drive.


Before we turned around we did find a mine.  This one went straight into the hillside about 30 feet.

1-IMG_4549  1-IMG_4551

Isn’t that Yuma something?


On our way back down, we could see Bouse off in the distance.  It is a pretty location.


Came home and had a sandwich for lunch and rested in the nice warm sunlight.


It was around 4:30 when Yuma started to bark.  A car was coming onto our site and being a good watchdog, Yuma lets me know when someone is coming.

It was Tom and Deb of Celebrating the Dance stopping by on their way to church in Quartzsite.  We follow each other’s blog and I met them just for a few minutes in Borrego Springs, the morning I was leaving.  They are staying at the Salome KOA Southeast of here, and are moving over this way tomorrow.  Hope to see them again later this week.  Maybe we can make it a longer visit.

Tried the generator again this evening, and by darn, it started again!  Now it is time to watch The Walking Dead.  My wife loves this show and got me hooked on it.  Recently started their Spring season.

See you later.

Back Roads and Abandoned Mines

Saturday, February, 25, 2017

My location:  Eight miles West of Bouse, Arizona just off Plomosa Drive

It was rather cool last night.  Got down to the upper thirties, but Yuma and I were comfortable under our sleeping bags over our covers. 

We took our walk and then had a leisurely breakfast.  At about eleven, we decided to drive down to Bouse and take a right on hwy 72 and drive the twenty miles to see if we could find some gas in the small towns near I-10.   The gas gauge  indicates a little over an eighth of a tank near the red zone.

I guess I didn’t realize how small they were.  I should have known that towns with names like Bush Pit, Vicksburg Junction, Desert Wells and Pioneer would be too small to have a gas station.   Here’s the KOFA CafĂ© at Vicksburg Junction.  It is a beautiful old building of the western style, but out of business.


Decided to take I-10 West twenty miles to Quartzsite where I should have gone  in the first place. 

It was a nice drive, but didn’t like the drama of not knowing if I had enough gas to get there.  Had a five gallon gas can full of gas, but it was sitting next to the RV.  Not very bright.

Well, we got gas and drove around Quartzsite a little bit, but wasn’t interested in anything, so we headed back towards Plomosa Drive and home.  As we got close to the KOFA  Mountains, I saw a dirt road leading up into the mountains and decided to do a little Jeepin’.

If you have ever driven past the long-term sites and into the mountains on Plomosa Drive heading toward Bouse, you have seen this road going up a steep hill to the right of the blacktop.


Up we went towards the sky, wondering what was on the other side.


We see beautiful mountains off in the distance.


We drive into them and every so often stop to look around and take photos.  It is beautiful and quiet back in here.  I take a photo of Yuma and he takes one of me.




We soon start running into old abandoned mines along the mountain sides.



Looks like the foundation to a home or building and across the way was another mine with slabs everywhere.  This must have been a big operation.


I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything around me.  I wish I could make these photos show you what my eye sees, but just can’t.



There is Bouse in the desert below off in the distance.  Not wanting to turn around, I just keep following the dirt road hoping it will end up somewhere near Bouse. 


We’re tired of bumping around and Yuma wants to go home.  We follow this road for another six grueling miles through rocks, washes and bushes wondering if we would ever get out.  I could see Bouse at times, but the bushes in the desert kept me in the dark most of the time.


Finally, I spot an ATV coming out of the bushes ahead and I run him down.  Turns out to be some Bouse residents showing an Aunt from Michigan the desert country.

Asked him if I was close to Bouse.  With a laugh, he said I was only about a mile and to keep following the road. 


Never lost, but I was wondering when it would ever end.  Soon, the trail turns into a nice flat dirt road and then to the blacktop. 


Didn’t expect such a long drive on the back roads, but it was beautiful.  My resistance to turning around and backtracking keeps getting me in hot water.

See you later.

Bouse, Arizona

Friday, February 24, 2017

My location:  Eight miles West of Bouse, Arizona just off Plomosa Drive

This morning, I moved to a different time zone.  I am now on Mountain Time.  However, nothing changed.  I still got up a 7 am.    Did my normal duties, but read a few more blogs this morning. 

This is what Yuma does while waiting for me to finish my blog reading.  He loves to lay on the bed in the sunshine.  What a sweetie!  Notice how neatly it is made?

Took our usual walk.  I could see “Ole Evil Eyes” peaking at us just to the right of that old cactus.


There he is!


It is beautiful out here.



Had bacon and eggs this morning, so it was fairly late in the morning when we decided to visit the village of Bouse.  Thought maybe I could get gas for the Jeep there, instead of running back into Quartzsite.

It was eight miles to Bouse and I drove over to the one gas station they have and the price was $2.99 a gallon compared to $2.20 in Quartzsite, so I will drive to Quartzsite in the morning.

On the outskirts of Bouse is the old Bouse homestead.  Not much left of it.


The whole business district is on hwy 72 and there is not much.  We drove around and took photos of stuff I thought were interesting.  There was a Friday Sales event going on and I bought a head of lettuce and that was it.  Busy place.




In the afternoon, Yuma and I took a walk around our area.  We ran into some heavy Cholla patches, so Yuma was having some difficulties.  Got a little over three miles in.  Not bad.  The day has been beautiful.  Low 60s with lots of sunshine and a slight breeze.  Perfect for walking or about anything except lounging in a pool.



Tonight is Gold Rush night, so I’d better get the TV up and running, get dinner going and sit down and relax for the evening.

See you later.