Thursday, April 18, 2024

Day 3 on the road and pictures of the Valley of the Gods

Today, I woke up at 7 o'clock to clear skies but wind.  The wind was blowing at 23 mph with gusts to 30+.  I decided to go for it.  I've been delayed several times on this trip, but not today.  

An update on the accident yesterday:  

A semi and an RV collided.  The pictures showed the two vehicles were completely burned.  The driver of the semi was unhurt, but the RV that hit them from behind, were not unhurt.  One was killed at the scene and the other is in an Alburquerque hospital with critical injuries.

We started out from the rest area at 8 o'clock and drove 500 miles to make up for the last two days lost time.  I took an hour break because of the battle with the wind, and we arrived at the Walmart in Weatherford, Oklahoma at 5 o'clock.  No delays😀.  

I am now going to cover the road trip to Zion Canyon National Park.

April 14, 2024

Sunrise overlooking the San Juan River below.

This morning, the kids got me up at 6:30, so after a short walk, I laid back down till about 8 o'clock.  Then it was morning routines and out the door.  First, I drove the six miles into Mexican Hat to fill the Jeep.  It was to less than a quarter tank and I can't go anywhere with that around here.

I also took my laptop and tried to upload pictures but could not even get my Blog to come up.  So, no pictures today.  I think the internet must be lowered on Sundays; I hope.  Try again tomorrow.

Mexican Hat Rock

We then headed the 17 miles up hwy 163 out of Mexican Hat to the entrance to the Valley of the Gods turn-off.  No money grabbers or ticket takers here.  I didn't realize but it is on BLM land and there were lots of vehicles boondocking along the road.  It is all gravel and rough in places.  My kind of park! 

We started out on the 17 mile loop at around 9:30.  It is an hour or two drive, depending on how many stops you make to take pictures. 

The Gods

We were done around noon and came on back to camp for the remainder of the afternoon.  Can't go all day, like I used to be able to do.  The wind picked up in the afternoon and it will be worse tomorrow.

Because it will be windy and cloudy tomorrow, I've picked Natural Bridges National Monument about 45 minutes from here.  It is only a 7 mile loop and hopefully the wind doesn't bother me too much for the short hikes I will be taking to get pictures.

Sun setting with a sliver Moon above.

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  1. Your pictures continue to amaze me, Doug. The Valley of the Gods is another WOW moment.

  2. Really like all the great pics. That's was a terrible accident, sad for the RVers. Travel safe!

  3. Gorgeous pictures. They show just how beautiful the desert is.

  4. Sad to read about the RVer not making it. A lot of times it is hard to come to sudden stops.
    Beautiful Pictures as always.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.

  5. The Valley of the God's is really amazing. I can see why it's named that. Always wonderful pictures.