Monday, March 26, 2018

Ardmore, Oklahoma

Monday, March 26, 2018 – Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma

Had a great night’s sleep with the windows open.  Woke up to the sounds of Texas Grackles making all kinds of noises in the tree outside my window.  Amazing how many sounds they can make.

Got going around 8 o’clock, thinking we would have breakfast somewhere down the road.  Our goal today is Wichita Falls, Texas near the Oklahoma border.  It’s warm and cloudy this morning and they’re calling for thunderstorms north of here this afternoon.  Hopefully, I miss them.

I took highway 180 east and stopped at Lamesa, Texas for Yuma’s walk and then we had breakfast.   Lost an hour with the move to CDT. 


At the little town of Anson, we turned north on hwy 277 heading for Seymour.  At Seymour we caught hwy 82 going towards Wichita Falls and the end of my day. 

Saw a number of these fabricated houses today.  Must be popular out here in Texas.


However, it started raining as I arrived at Seymour and it rained all the way to Wichita Falls.  Sometimes it was a downpour with some hail and lots of thunder and lightning.  Just outside of Wichita Falls, I stopped for gas and made the decision to drive myself out of this pouring rain.

Knowing how I hated paying all the toll fees on I-44, I looked eastward and Ardmore, Oklahoma is only an hour and a half more northeast.  So, I took hwy 79 which then connected to hwy 70 east right into Ardmore.  About half way there, the rain stopped.  I’ll worry about where to go tomorrow later tonight when I’m rested.  


Been a long day, but that will make the next two days shorter.  Got here around 5:30.  I’m now high and dry in the Ardmore Walmart parking lot in a great spot way out in the north forty next to a fence with a soccer field on the other side.    Should be another quiet night.  And they have lots of Oklahoma Grackles here to wake me up in the morning.  The temperature is 73 and it is cloudy and humid here.

Just as I’m finishing up I hear a loud thunder.  I guess the rain has caught up with me.  Hope it’s gone by morning.

See you later.


  1. You'll soon be back in beautiful Illinois! Those great-tailed grackles can really make a lot of noise. I love listening to them. Youll fit right in with all the cowboys of Oklahoma. Have safe travels tomorrow. Have a good night. ❤

    1. Thanks Dolly. Once I get moving, it goes quickly. From shorts to jeans in a hurry.

  2. Long day, hope the weather improves for your continued travels and the two of you can enjoy them more. You didn't miss much in Wichata Falls - we stopped there in the rain once and the falls were dry. When I asked the answer was the 'water was turned off due to the drought'. Don't plan on going back.

    1. Thanks Jeff. I didn't even know there was a fall in Great Falls. Just never thought about it. Glad to know it's dry so I didn't miss anything.

  3. Looks like you'll be home in no time. Hope to still hear from you when you get home! Hope you enjoyed your night. Don't blame you for trying to outdrive the rain.

    1. Thanks Shirley. Tried to out run the rain but didn't make it. Rain everywhere.

      Had a great spot for a good night's sleep, but woke up at 4:30 ready to roll for some reason.

  4. You had a good travel day and settled in for a nice quiet nights rest. Counted safe travels, raining here still, hope it clears up for you.

    1. Thanks George. I don't think there is a clear spot in the whole Midwest. Rain everywhere!

      Had a great spot at Walmart last night. Just woke up early and ready to go. I just can't relax when I've got a destination in mind.😉.

  5. Looks like you drove yourself into the heart of the beast !! Lots of rain - everywhere - travel safe! You'll be Home for the big basketball games and a family Easter gathering. Yea ! Yuma misses Ferggie . 😨🐕😇

    1. Yes I have. Wished I had known. Would have stayed put for another week. I don't think Yuma missed Fergie 😂.

  6. Hi Doug! We had rain here yesterday too. But, it's melting all the snow. I think we'll finally have some spring temps this week. I'm surprised by all those fabricated houses in that part of the country. You wouldn't catch me in one of those in tornado alley! Hope you got a good night's rest! Drive safe today! I love you!

    1. Enjoyed your pictures of Carlsbad Caverns. I do not like being underground, though it may be worth it...Tom thinks it would be...:)...will see.
      Looks like you are quickly putting the miles behind you on your trek home. Safe travels.

      Tom and Deb
      Celebrating the Dance

    2. Glad the weather is warming up and this hard rain will get rid of all that snow.

      Slept great last night. Love you.

    3. I think you would enjoy this cavern Deb. So much to see you would forget you're way down under.

      If you like, you can take the elevator down and you'll think you're in a subway station 😂.

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