Monday, March 19, 2018

Walk along Empire Creek through the Cottonwoods

Monday, March 19, 2018 – Location: Las Cienegas NCA near Sonoita, Arizona

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Last night the temperature dropped to 34 degrees.  At 3 A.M. I turned on the Wave heater so the RV would remain warm.  Around 7 o’clock Yuma and I got up to a bright sun and no wind.  Took our normal walk.  Actually felt nice, although the temperature was only 39.


It wasn’t long after breakfast before the sun felt so good, I just had to lay in the lounge chair and soak it up.


Looking at the weather forecast for this area, I decided I would stick around a few more days.  70s and 80s forecast for the rest of the week.  With that decision made, I knew I had to run into Sonoita to pick up some groceries.  I’m out of some vital food.

Around 12:30, Yuma and I hopped in the Jeep for the 10 mile run into town.  Made a quick stop at the Dollar General and then we drove around and took a few pictures of Sonoita again.  Not really a town.  Actually, just buildings along either side of the highways.


A local.  I don’t feel so bad for the way I’m dressed now.


Should stop at the Realty office and see if they have any 100 acre ranches for sale under $100,000. 



Wasn’t long before we were back at our site.  Should have fixed lunch, but I forgot.  Instead, Yuma and I made a run up to the Cottonwoods at Empire Creek.  Driving up the road, I couldn’t resist taking another picture of the Mustang Mountains across the valley.


This area is called Empire Gulch and has a path going along and through the creek.  It is a favorite place for bird watchers.


Yuma just loved the trail.  He took off and was running a hundred miles an hour up and down the trail showing off!  Hard to get a picture he was going so fast.  A creek and Yuma running fast.  I should have known there would be trouble.

IMG_3572IMG_3573IMG_3578       IMG_3579

It was sad to see so much fire damage.  Many of the large cottonwoods were dead.  I could see fire damage everywhere I looked.  Fortunately, there are many still alive to carry on future growth.


Interesting.  The creek just went underground at this spot.

IMG_3588IMG_3591IMG_3599           IMG_3610


Heard a lot of birds, but this Vermillion Flycatcher was the only one that would let me take a picture.


IMG_3612  IMG_3627

The creek side of the newer old Empire Ranch house.


One of many huge Cottonwoods that had to be cut down.


On the way back to the Jeep, Yuma went wild again, but this time he ran through the creek several times.  He was one muddy and wet dog!


Is Yuma having fun or what!!


Here he is looking miserable.  I yelled at him and his feelings are hurt.  Also, he knows he is going to get a bath.  Doesn’t like baths.


Yuma got his bath and now he is nice and clean.   Got lots of pets and love, so he is one happy and clean dog now.  Now I need a bath.

See you later.


  1. Where's the picture of a clean Yuma?? ☺ Such a beautiful area there, even with the poor fire damaged trees. No ranches under $100,000?? 😁 Beautiful flycatcher! Have a good night! ❤

    1. Thanks Dolly. Maybe a picture of a clean Yuma today. Don't think I'll find any ranches in that price bracket, but could get some land for far less.

  2. After 3 days of horses and basketball, Yuma's personality got a little stifled. Good to see him running fast, wild, and free - having so much Fun ! Soak up all that sunshine and great weather headed your way. Winter boomeranged back on us with 2 to 5 inches of snow on its way ! 😨

    1. I think you're right, Moonfly. Yuma had been cooped up too long and was ready to unleash all that energy. Paid for it with a bath.

      Wish winter would go away so I can go home.

  3. That is a nice trail along Empire Creek looks like y'all had a fun day. Too bad about the destruction. Love that Hamlet there of Sonoita nice that a Dollar General is there.

    1. Is a very quiet and nice place to walk. I could hear woodpeckers but could never get a picture of them. Too many trees to search.

  4. What beautiful pictures of the cottonwoods, too bad they have been damaged by fire. What is with the ladder up into the trees? Is that a rig for bird watching?
    The flycatcher photo is awesome! Love your action pics of Yuma, he is having so much fun! With the warm weather, he probably enjoyed the bath more than you think!

  5. Thanks Patsy. Yes, the tree perch is for bird watching. Not sure if it has been used for awhile. Looked old.

    Yuma probably did the water run on purpose. Poor guy hadn't had a bath in over a month so he probably was telling me something. :) At least no blow drying for him. Laid in the sun instead!

  6. I hope you got that seat cover put on before Yuma was playing in the mud!! He's such a goofball. We miss seeing him looking in the door.

    Too bad about the fire and the cottonwoods but at least there are still plenty to take over and continue to grow in the area.

    Cute little almost town! I'll bet they have some good food in that restaurant!

    I'm sure Yuma has forgiven you for the bath and hurting his feelings. He's a forgiving kind of fella!!

    Enjoy your stay there.

  7. Well Yuma had a really fun day until bath time! Great pictures. Love the c little bird,very vibrant colors! Enjoy that wonderful Weather! Spring hasn't sprung yet here. Take care Dad. Love you.

  8. That looks like a great day! I love it when dogs get the zoomies (that’s what it’s called when they go bonkers running around like that). I can imagine how upset he was over his biffy baffy. That Flycatcher was gorgeous and I don’t even like birds, but that was a pretty one. We are ready for spring here-hope it comes soon! Love you!