Bouse, Arizona

Thursday, January 22, 2015

After breakfast this morning, I decided to move to the north of Quartzsite for awhile.  I am planning to attend the first ever Blog-Fest on Plomosa Road Saturday, so I packed and was on my way to that destination by 11:30 am. 

As I drove up 95, I could see the the Dome Rocks to the west.imageThe drive is only about 40 miles, so no hurry today.  We stopped at Q to put gas in the motorhome and headed north of town planning to drive about 12 miles up Plomosa Road just over the mountains where it would be less crowded.  Dolly and I stayed there last year about this time and we liked it.  About seven miles up the road, I entered into Plomosa pass over the Plomosa Mountains.
The pass is only a few miles and soon I was near the top.  As I topped the pass, I could see the Sonoran Desert spread out before me.imageimage
Got to my destination just across from “Evil Eye Mountain” and the area was empty.  Great!  Then I typed a text to Dolly to let her know I had arrived and guess what?  No Verizon!  A warning popped up when I hit send telling me that roaming charges would apply.  Did I want to send anyway?  I pushed the “Cancel” button.  I figured if they were going to charge me for a small text, what would happen when I published a 60 mg blog.

Unhooked the jeep and Yuma and I headed east towards Bouse.  At each side road with camp sites, we turned in and found a camp, then checked cell reception.  Did this for over an hour until I arrived to the last BLM location before going into Bouse.  Finally, I got three bars of 4G which is great.  With a small window antenna and my Wilson Booster, I get 5 bars.  I also found a good camping spot away from everyone.

By the time I got everything moved and setup, it was 4 pm.  Glad I didn’t wait till late to start my move today.imageThis evening, I took a peek at what cell reception I got last year, when we were here, and found that with my Trucker’s antenna and Wilson booster, I got 3 bars of 3G .  Oh well.  I like my 4G reception.

Dolly texted me to tell me “Gold Rush” was not on tonight.  Anyway, the reason it is not on tonight is because today is Thursday and not Friday.  Both of us were confused as to what day it was.  I even had Friday as the date in my blog draft.  Glad we got that straightened out or I would have been a day early to the Blog-Fest.  Now I have Friday to explore the area.  Almost like a day added to my life.

Tonight’s sunset near Bouse, Arizona.image
See you later.


  1. Ya, that Bouse area can be tricky for internet alright. Might want to see if you can find the old mining Ghost Town of Swansea.....

  2. Thanks, Al. That looks to be an all day destination with lots of photo opportunities. May just do that today since I have a full tank of gas. I notice I am just across the desert from your digs.