Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hiking the Senator Wash Basin

Thursday, January 1, 2015
New Year’s Day

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

The weather was cool this morning, but the sun was out and very bright.  Thought I would check out Senator Wash Road and see what was up that way other than Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA).

imageTook the first left blacktop going up the hill from Imperial Road.  There was a sign that said “SOLAR”.  Found a trailer with the same sign and it was closed for the holiday.

Went on up the road to a LTVA and kept going on the dirt road and passed the area and found a jeep road leading up into the hills.  I always think they will go somewhere, but they never do.

Came to a wash and it was hiking time.image

Just got across the wash and I was hiking up the road you see in the photo above. I happened to look on the hill to the right and there were burros up there looking down at me.imageThey look at peace with the world.  These guys are descendants to the burros brought by the gold miners in the 1800s.image

Every where I look around me is dark brown, light brown and just plain brown.  And there are washes everywhere too.image  Up one and down into another.image










Looking back I could see motorhomes in the LTVA and Senator Wash.  And way off in the distance is Castle Dome in the far top left.image

Other than burros, I saw and heard nothing but the wind.  After about two miles, my ankle began to bother me so I turned around and headed back down the road towards the jeep.image[85]

When I got back to the LTVA, it was 3 pm. I saw a sign pointing to the north saying “Ferguson Lake” and decided to see what the lake looked like.  They gave me no distance, but I didn’t think it could be far.  I was wrong.  Nothing in the vast outback of Arizona is close.   I drove a dirt road for miles and seeing nothing but this.image


And more burros.  This is a mom and here baby.image


Finally, after about 6 miles of up and down dusty dirt road, I could see Ferguson Lake off in the distance.  It appeared to be near highway 95 going between Quartzite and Yuma.  However, there was a sign back at the LTVA saying this was not a through road.  I took this photo at the top of the hill overlooking this beautiful scene and went no further.  4 pm now and definitely time to head home.imageimage

After another six miles, it was getting near 5 pm  and I am out of there and only a couple miles down Senator Wash Road and I will home.  And one last momma and her baby were near the road wanting a handout.image

See you later.


  1. I drove up around Mittry Lake and to Imperial Dam today - too cold for walking for this old broad !! LOL

  2. Had my long johns on today. It was cool, but the walk warmed me up nicely.

  3. Your drive/hike looked like fun! I especially like the burros! Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Jerry and I have just started our rv journey and are learning something new everyday!

    1. Thanks Cindy. First time I've seen wild burros. Looking forward to following your adventures.

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