Monday, January 26, 2015

Blog-Fest 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the first ever Blog-Fest here on Plomoso Road just north of Quartzsite.  I expected around ten bloggers, but from what I hear, there were over 50 in attendance. Fantastic turn out for the first event.  Even Pheebs was having a great time wandering around meeting other dogs.imageJerri from Just Wanderin' and Sandie from Where are the Dixons Today organized this event and I’m sure there are a lot of people thankful they did.  Great job.  image

First on the agenda was for each of us to get up and give everyone some background and the name of our blog, if we had one.  Then it was time to eat and mingle.image

There is Al and Judy of Travels with Emma.  I have followed her blog since starting my travels and wanted to me her but didn’t get the job done.  Maybe another time.image

I only knew a few, but was glad to meet them in person.  Even though I couldn’t remember names very well, it was just great to talk with travelers such as myself.  We all seemed to have something in common and that made it so easy to make conversation.  Even Al from Travel With The Bayfield Bunch loosened up and had a good time with the crowd.  May have to change his handle from “blabberfingers” to “blabbermouth”.  Just kidding Al.

I did get to meet Sassy of Sassy’s on ‘Da Road fame.  Such a petite woman that carries a 2006 Harley Davidson, Heritage Softail Classic in her class A toy hauler.  She’s showing me her roadrunner decal.image

Always glad to see Kelly again.  Her and Al are such nice people.image

Pheebs was smitten with Yuma.  She kept wanting him to jump and play, but of course I had Yuma on a tight leash today.  Not going to make the same mistake twice.imageimage  Al finally gets to meet the famous Yuma.



Everyone was having such a great time, the event lasted long after 3pm.  I was so tired from being up all night, I left at 4pm and people were still mingling and making plans for getting together at campfires later.

Great event!  See you next year.


  1. Nice to meet you and Yuma at the blogfest.
    What a scary time that must have been at Swansea! Yikes! Good on you for staying around all that time, and so glad it all worked out. Have you figured out yet 'why' he ran away?
    When my cat is out of sight in the desert for more than a few minutes I start to panic, start running around in circles looking for her. She never takes off, and is always found just staying quiet under a bush watching for lizards, but it is scary nonetheless. But to see your dog actually running away and not know why ...
    Take care.

    1. Nice meeting you also. I am thinking that it was the cowboy hat I was wearing and I had on a new military long sleeve shirt that was bulky. He must have thought I looked like a dog catcher from his past as I moved through the darkened area between the miners' cabins and off he went when I walked toward him.

      It saddened me to see the look of pure fear in his face as he stared at me for a few seconds before running. I hope to never see it again. I am going to keep him on a leash for some time, until I am more sure he knows me real well.

      At least now I know, he doesn't run far. He was near by, but would not come out till I was leaving. I am just glad it was only one day of waiting. I don't know if I could have left for long without coming back to wait some more.

    2. Certainly a large amount of bloggers there. I'm so glad Yuma is home!

    3. Certainly a large amount of bloggers there. I'm so glad Yuma is home!