Thursday, January 15, 2015

Imperial Dam

Thursday, January 15, 2015

imageAfter breakfast this morning, I went into Yuma to the Walmart to pick up supplies for my travel day tomorrow.  On my way, I drove through Winterhaven to have a quick look.  Winterhaven is a small town just across the Colorado River from Yuma. 

Dolly and I lived in Winter Haven, Florida back in the 60’s and early 70’s where I first started with State Farm Insurance Companies.

Yuma went with me and stayed in the back of the jeep and behaved himself waiting for me to return.  They have some covered parking and I parked in the shade to make sure he didn’t get hot.  Only about 68 degrees so wasn’t really concerned.

Got my shopping done quickly and was on my way to get gas for the jeep and back to the MH.  Gas was $1.86.  Can’t beat that. 

Went over to my neighbors and put everything back together, checked everything to make sure they were clean and tight.  Tried to start it one more time and all I heard was the click of the solenoid.  Time to call a real mechanic.  I tried my best but failed to get the van started.  Time for me to move on.

In the afternoon, Yuma and I took a nice walk over to Imperial Dam.  Been here for weeks and have never gone to see the dam.  Just took photos of the area as I walked up the canal towards the dam area.imageimageimageimageimage

They have a nice little park near the dam.  It was empty, because they are working on the dam area and the road into this area is closed.  image

Yuma is one tired puppy tonight after all that walking. 


Tomorrow morning, I will be on my way up highway 95 heading towards Quartzsite.  May stay on one of the side roads north of here just to have one or two nights away from all the people that are in the Quartzsite area.  Will play it by ear.

See you later.


  1. On highway 95 on the way to Quartzsite around mile marker 99 I think there is turn off to the left called La Poza road. You will see RV's on the north side of this road but no RV's on the south side. It's the farthest point south from Quartzsite you can get & this is the area we always went when going to the Q. It's free & you might be able to find yourself a quiet spot somewhere. There will be a lot of RV's of course but it's a big area. After turning onto La Poza road it's only a hundred yards or so before turning right into the desert, Keep bearing left & you may find a spot. Lots of room to turn around anywhere too & the ground is all hard packed.

  2. Thanks Al. Will check it out when I go to Q tomorrow.