The Zoo in Quartzsite

Saturday, January 17, 2015

This morning Yuma and I took a jeep ride into Quartzsite to check out the goings on.  I was shocked.  The place was a zoo.  It was about 11:30 and there were cars and RVs everywhere.  I had to park about 3/4 of a mile east of the main event.image

Yuma and I walked back up Central to where everything was happening.  The line of vehicles was over the I-8 bridge coming from the north.image

We crossed hwy 95 and started through the maze of people, cars and dogs.image

Walked into the Tyson Wells area.  The day was just gorgeous.  In the high 60s heading for the mid 70s today.  Not a cloud in the sky.image

I was surprised how many dogs were here.  Yuma was a perfect gentleman and did not cause a ruckus with any of them.  Just looked at them and got an occasional sniff once in awhile.  I was pleasantly pleased with the way he walked among the throngs of legs and did it with the greatest of ease.image

All I can say is it was wall to wall people.  After about an hour of walking around and looking, it was time to go and get a few things at the Dollar Store on Main Street and then filled some jugs with water and we headed back home for some peace and quiet.Wall to wall people

After getting back to our camp, we rested for quite awhile and then I decided that Yuma needed a good workout.  I grabbed my bike and we headed down the road.  Yuma easily loped beside my bike and never got in my way. 

Tomorrow morning and probably evening as the sun peeks into the canyon, Yuma and I will hike into Palm Canyon.  The canyon is the dark area in the middle of the photo. image


  1. Gosh, that place is something...... How in the world do they draw so many people ??? As you can tell I have never been to the "Q" ...... Wow, good for YUMA navigating among all those people.....Talk about socializing your dog !!!!! I am very, very impressed with the temperament and easy manner of YUMA .....he is a keeper !!! I am spoiled with a one-in-a-million dog too DUKE has had many of the same traits since day one .... He also like to be introduced to new things like getting into the car etc. but after the intro he was fine.... How lucky we are Doug to have such super pals !!! One more thing, I worked in Winter Haven, Fl. In the late 70's.... Setting up migrant medical centers and infant day care ..... Stayed at the Rose Motel !!! I was working out of Washington, DC... Polk County was a place I had to get used to..... All part of life's memories !!! Have a great hike ....I enjoy your adventures .... Thanks for sharing !

    1. Interesting we were both on Winter Haven at the same time. It was a very small southern town back then.

      Every year thousands of RV'ers descend on the small town of Quartzsite. Not sure why they picked this dusty town in the La Paz Valley, but there are many RV companies selling RVs and a big tent selling anything an RV'er may need or want. Like a state fair.

      I think of Yuma as being one of a kind, but I know there are many other special dogs like Duke with loving parents.

      I write this blog mainly to keep my family informed as to what I am seeing and doing, but always glad when someone finds it interesting.

      Thank you for following along on my winter's journey through the southwestern part of our great country.

  2. Hey Doug, I think everyone I read is at or going to Quartzsite. Boy that's a lot of people for me. Glad to hear Yuma is doing so well. My dad lived in Largo until he was 92 and then he went into assisted living where he has his own apartment but people to keep an eye on him. We visited there often. Not many good places to camp anywhere near.

    1. Thanks Sherry. It is unfortunate that Florida is so crowded every winter. A little adjustment from the southwest. I do need to get to Largo though to see my Uncle Doug, so will do it next winter for sure.

      Yuma surprises me every day with how intelligent he is and so well behaved. I need to go back into Q one more time, but maybe early in the day it won't be so crowded.

      You and David sure are making the most out of the Florida fun and sun. That is great!

  3. Hi Doug,
    We were there and you are right, ZOO. Entertaining though. There were a lot of good dogs. Sounds like Yuma is a very good guy.

    1. Checked out your blog. Looks like you were staying close to Q. I'm thinking about moving a little closer for a night or two before heading further west. Will checkout Roadrunner BLM area.

      Glad you were able to fix that hot water valve so easily. I would have been at a loss as to who to call when something happens I can't fix and it surely will. Good to see how you handled it. I learned a few things.

      Have fun in Big O and say hi to Lily for Yuma.

  4. You and Yuma sound like you have done great at Quartzite! Jer and I have not had the 'nerve' to try it yet. still too new I guess! Ha.....maybe next year....