Van Problems

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

imageYuma and I took a a jeep ride along the bottom of the canal just west of where we are staying in the LTVA area this morning.  It rained quite a bit this past Sunday, the day I returned and when it rains in the desert it means mud.  Mud everywhere.  The jeep is muddy, the motorhome floor is muddy.   It is drying fast around here, so will wait till it is dry to clean everything.

Then we took a nice long walk this around the area and along the berm overlooking the canal.image

The rest of the day was spent working on the 1990 Ford E250 Econoline Van my neighbor has.  It won’t start and they want a couple hundred dollars to tow it from this LTVA location north of Yuma to the garage in Yuma. 

The ignition key cylinder was acting up so thought that was it.  Went into town and bought a new one and put it in, but still would not start.

Talked to Evan, my son-in-law a few times and tried a number of things to try and determine the problem.  Evan thinks it is a bad starter, so tomorrow I will remove the starter and take it to NAPA and have it tested.

I will remember to get some photos tomorrow of me working diligently under the van.

Poor Yuma wasn’t happy I was doing other things and not playing with him.  Hopefully, he learned something watching me work and not accomplishing anything.

See you later.


  1. How nice of you to help out your neighbor. Yuma looks like a sweety indeed. He will be a great traveling companion for you. Since he is so new to being on the move, I would recommend that you have him chipped before going too far. It is usually pretty inexpensive & such a piece of mind if our furry friends get loose. Happy Travels. Becki

    1. Thanks John. I was fortunate. The Yuma Humane Society neutered, chipped and gave him all his shots before they released him to me, so I am all set. Just hope he doesn't run off before we bond. I am being as careful as I can to keep him on a leash.

  2. Being an old Ford guy, try lifting up on the shift lever while turning the key. If it starts, the problem is the Neutral Safety Switch. You may have to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to replace it.

    Very sorry to hear about your dad. My father passed in 2009, and Diana lost her dad in 2008. 'Foundation' is a word that best describes what these men provided us, Andre dads of that generation were definitely up to the task.


    1. Thank you for the idea on the van. Will try it this morning. I know what you mean about our Dads. They helped build and preserve what we have today. We will always be thankful for having such great Dads.

  3. Should have read "and the dads...". Gotta love autocorrect. :)