Borrego Springs, California

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This morning, we ran up the hill at Senator Wash to the LTVA to get some propane and then into Yuma to fill up the motorhome.  Gas is 50 cents a gallon more expensive in California. 

We then touched the edge of the Imperial Sand Dunes while on I-8 heading toward Brawley, California, sixty miles west of Yuma, Arizona.  The winds were coming out of the north blowing sand across the highway.

Imperial Sand Dunes  Imperial Sand Dunes

We stopped to get groceries at the Walmart in Brawley.  We then followed hwy 86 north for a short while till we turned left on hwy 78 toward Octillo Wells on our way to Borrego Springs.  When we turned off the highway heading towards Borrego Springs, the first wash we hit was the monster 9 percent grade named the Texas Dip.  Wouldn’t want to drive through that when it is raining.

Texas Dip

We have been wanting warmer weather, and now we have it.  When we arrived at our desert home outside Borrego Springs around 4 P.M., the temperature was 85 and not a whisper of a breeze.

All I did was unhook the jeep and drive around looking for a more private camp than the one I stopped in.  Unfortunately, there weren’t any I could find.  There were signs everywhere telling me foot traffic only.  There are a lot of RVs parked along Rockhouse Trail and I found a place that is apart from the others, but not as far as I would prefer.

When the sun set, the temperature dropped to a comfortable level.  It will be a great night for sleeping.

See you later.


  1. I love the picture of the Texas dip! And I can't get over how blue the skies are there! So pretty! Have a happy day you two!

    1. Would be interesting to see after a big rain. I wonder if water rushes through there are if it is just an old dry wash with not much action anymore.

      Have a great Valentine's Day and give Keats a kiss for Dolly and me.

  2. If you go further on Rockhouse, you will get out of the restricted area again, but you may be beyond cell service if that is important. I spent a couple weeks out there earlier and it was quiet and great!

    1. Thanks, Ivan. I am heading down to the dry lake this morning and will check it out. Cell service is important for blogging and Dolly's Facebooking, so will have to check that too.

      It is pretty here. In a desert sort of way.

  3. Looks nice out that way! How's gas prices? Down to $1.38 here at home! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Steve. It is nice and warm. Gas here in Borrego Springs is $3.00. $2.30 in the bigger cities.

      Don't freeze this weekend.