Friday, February 5, 2016

Walk Among Old Palo Verde Trees

Friday, February 5, 2016
After breakfast I decided to take Yuma and drive toward Picacho State Recreation Area.  Wasn’t planning on going all the way there; but, only to the area where all the names are written with rocks.  Here is a link from last year.
As I headed west on hwy 24, I ran into a detour.  Unfortunately, the bridge was out going north toward the recreation area, so I just went into Yuma and bought gas for the jeep and headed back to camp.
On the way back, I turned off Laguna Dam Road on a county road heading east.  Yesterday, coming back from Walmart, I saw a 5th wheel going in that direction and there was a sign saying a pond was in that direction.
About a mile and half I came to a pond and behind it was a large RV Park.  No nice boondocking spot, like I had hoped.  Turned around and went on home.
Yuma Pond
Ducks in the pond
A little later in the day, Yuma, Fergie and I took a walk at the bottom of the berm outside our MH.  I headed for an area of Palo Verde trees to the north of us.
Surprisingly, the area was cordoned off with an old wire fence.  It was old, so we were able to walk through it.  As I walked around the area, it looked like there had been an RV camp here at one time.
I could see the remains of electric wiring coming out of the ground in places and dump spouts too.  Saw a large manhole cover mostly hidden by growth.  It was so large, I didn’t try to move it.

Must have been many years ago, because the place is overgrown with a very old growth of Palo Verde trees.  Most were old and dying.
Old Palo Verde trees
Old Palo Verde trees
Looks like someone left their old car behind.  Maybe it was new when the RV park was active.  I’m sure someone knows the make based on the grille.
Old truck ovegrown with weeds
Old truck ovegrown with weeds
We had a small RV move into the space we are in earlier this evening.  They are about 50 feet from us.  I’m sure the lake is getting full now that the weekend is here.  Hopefully, they are just here for the night and will move on in the morning.
Just finished watching “Gold Rush”.  Our evening is nearly done.
See you later.