Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Night Date Shake

Saturday,  February 6, 2016

The weather is warming up fast.  Today, we hit 72 degrees.  It will be in the mid-eighties all next week.  We didn’t do much all morning.  Our new neighbors left us around 10 A.M..

I decided to try one last time to patch the rear tire on my bicycle.  Third time was a charm.  I had tried twice before and both times the tire was flat the next morning.  Now I can use my bike for the first time this trip.  The tire was flat when we left Bloomington, and I planned to fix it while on our trip.  That plan is now complete.

Late this afternoon, I took the whole clan to the Imperial Date Garden in Bard, California.  We ordered Date shakes; my first and Dolly’s second.  I enjoyed the shake, but it may be my last.  There are too many other shakes, I like better and I don’t drink shakes very often.


After our date shake date, we drove a few more miles down the road to the Cloud Museum. The museum has lots of old relics from years gone by.   It was closed, but they had a lot of relics outside the fence.



For all you tractor buffs, here is a McCormick-Deering tractor by International Harvester.


See you later.

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