Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day of Rest

Thursday, February 18, 2016

We had wind most of the night because of the cold front coming in from the southwest, but It did not cool down overnight, just got wind.  The temperature only got to 75 today with some wind, but not too bad. 

Felt nice outside, but we just didn’t feel like getting out today.  Laid around all day.  Walked the dog a few times and that was it.

Here are some photos of the area, I didn’t post yesterday.

Looking west towards Borrego Springs in the center below the mountains.  If you take the road over those mountains, you will end up in San Diego, about 90 miles southwest of here

Borrego Springs

San Ysidro Mountains.  Citrus Groves in the desert.


Looking almost straight down to the desert floor.  That is Henderson Canyon Road down there.  As you can tell in these photos, the ground is just covered with sharp rocks and boulders.  I don’t know how Yuma can walk on them without pain.  I know I have to watch where I step at all times so as not to turn an ankle.  Boots are definitely a requirement.

Desert floor staright down

Here’s our sunset tonight as I look north from the RV toward the Santa Rosa Mountains with the Clark Lake dry bed to the far left.

Santa Rosa Mountains

See you later.