Friday, February 12, 2016

Rockhouse Trail

Friday, February 12, 2016

I decided this morning to take a drive down to Clark Lake dry bed and take a look.  Once I got there, I just kept driving on Rockhouse Trail thinking it may go somewhere interesting.

Clark Lake Dry Bed

Clark Lake Dry Bed

I think it rained quite a bit here in the last El Nino storm they had a few weeks back.  The lake bed is dried cracked mud now.

Clark Lake Dry Bed

Yuma and I drove through the dry bed and on for miles and miles of bad road.  After about 10 miles, I came to a sign that said Butler Canyon was to the left and Rockhouse Canyon to the right.


By this time, I was in 4 wheel drive because of the sandy road.  I was afraid of getting stuck without it.  As I looked back, I could see the dry bed to the left at the end of the canyon and to the right is the backside of Coyote Mountain.  And, of course, the sandy road.

Coyote Mountain looking toward the east

At the sign I could see it looked like Butler Canyon was a box canyon with no where to go.  Yuma and I walked to the end of the canyon and all we could see was large rocks and canyon walls.

Butler Canyon

Walked back to the jeep and took the road to the right.  It went around a small hill and as I looked back into Rockhouse Canyon, it appeared to be a box canyon also.  Didn’t drive all the way back there to find out, but there was nothing but the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains behind the canyon walls.

Rockhouse Canyon

I had hoped to find a beautiful ending, like a waterfall or beautiful mountain passes, but nothing but rocky hills leading into the mountains.

Looked at my Fitbit when we got home and we had walked six and a half miles back in those canyons.  You may think that Yuma and I just drive around in the air conditioned jeep, but we do get out and walk occasionally.  I walk, Yuma runs.

See you later.


  1. Yes. I think my running days are over. Six miles of walking is the most my feet can handle.

  2. Good for you guys in sticking with it & hiking up Coyote Mountain to find the great stone snake.

    1. Thanks, Al. Wasn't sure we would find him before the sun got too low to go on, but we made it.