Monday, February 8, 2016

Wash Day

Monday, February 8, 2016

We have hit our maximum days at Mittry Lake.  They have a 10 day limit, so we must move on.

Yuma and Fergie on the berm

We need to do laundry today before moving on.  We haven’t done laundry since the 20th of last month, so we have a lot of dirty clothes.

Knowing it will take at least three hours to do the laundry and another hour to dump and take on water, we decided to break our move into two days.

We left at 11 A.M. into Yuma to do laundry.  As we suspected, the laundromat we chose was crowded.  Took us three and a half hours to get it done and back to camp.

I then ate lunch, and packed the motorhome in preparation for travel. Hooked the jeep and we headed back up to the LTVA on Senator Wash to do the dump and take on water.  By the time I completed these tasks, it was 5:30 P.M..

A line of Egrets on a highwire over looking the canal at dusk.  Waiting for dinner I guess.

Egrets on a highwire

We then went back down the hill to hwy 24 known as Imperial Dam Road and parked in the lot right across from the Imperial Irrigation District Headquarters.  I stayed here last year when I had to evacuate Mittry Lake due to a fire.

Tomorrow will be our travel day.

See you later.

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