Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Font’s Point

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today was hot.  Thank goodness it will cool down to the low 80’s mid-week and give us some relief.  The temperatures have been about fifteen degrees warmer than normal.  Breaking records in San Diego, just over the mountains.  At least they have the ocean to cool them off.

I shouldn’t complain.  We came to the southwest for warm weather and we got it.  I guess if it really bothered me, I would pack up and move to higher ground, but as soon as I have to turn the heat on in the morning, I will be complaining again.  I must admit, I like heat over cold anytime.

This afternoon, we jumped in the jeep and drove four miles east on S22 to the entrance to Font’s Point.  It is a four mile drive south on a sandy wash road to the point.

Font's Point sign

The wash slowly goes up, but not noticeable until you reach a drop-off.  It dead-ends at this point and we walked a hundred feet or so to the cliffs.  From this vantage point we can see much of the vast Anzo Borrego Desert State Park. 

To the west is Borrego Springs with the San Ysidro Mountains behind it.  Unfortunately, it was later in the day and the sun was in that direction.

SanYsidro Mountains and Borrego Springs

To the south and southeast, we could see part of the Badlands and the washes in the crevices.  Further south past those mountains is Mexico.  It is quite a drop-off in front of me.  I couldn’t get too close because I am afraid of heights, and as you can see, there are no guard rails.  Just a sheer drop-off to the Badlands below.



and to the east we could see the Salton Sea.   It is the sliver of blue just above the Badlands about twenty miles away

Salton Sea to the east

To the north and northwest, we could see the tall Santa Rosa Mountains.  The dark mountain to the left center is Coyote Mountain near where our camp is located. To the right of that, we could see the Clark Lake dry bed and the area I tried to walk to the other day.

Coyote Mountain and Santa Rosa Mountains

Santa Rosa Mountains Santa Rosa Mountains

From this vantage point, we could see how stark and desolate this area is.  But, it is beautiful.

See you later.


  1. Very cool pictures! Are washes where the water runs through? Sorry, I'm not super familiar with the southwest lingo! :) Do you and Dolly plan to go see the ocean at all?

    1. You're right. A wash is like a dry river filled with sand. Turns into a river when it rains.

      We are not going over the mountains to the ocean. Too many people over there. We could see the ocean when we went to the Palomar Observatory last week. That was enough.