Superbowl Day

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Today was superbowl day and my oldest son, Ben’s birthday.  We relaxed for the day and prepared snacks for the game.   The game was an exciting game all the way to the end.  Peyton Manning won his 200th game and second superbowl. Fitting end for a great quarterback.

My wife, Dolly won the family football pool and my son, Jim took second.  The Broncos won the game 24-10.  Congratulations, Dolly!

The family back in Blo-No had a superbowl party without us.


Getting ready for the game, watching a whole day of football build-up to the superbowl.


Dolly and I celebrated eating our snacks.


The doggies had their share, too.


Have a Happy Birthday, Ben, and a great year!

See you later.


  1. That is so cute - what a temptation for your doggies - all that food at eye level . Yuma is really eyeballing that summer sausage - Yes, I really enjoyed the SuperBowl too - Peyton is such a class act and what a Defense !! Perfect fairy tale ending to his great career.

    1. Doggies behaved. It is great to be able to watch the game on TV way out in the sticks. Technology has come a long way.

  2. Looks like you guys had a cozy little Super Bowl day! We missed you at the party for sure!

    1. Dolly and I missed seeing you guys at the party. Glad the weather was good this year. Dolly was glad the Broncos won!