Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful Day but Sadness in our Cat Family

Monday, October 20, 2014


The other day, I posted pictures of our cat family and mentioned that they were getting older, not realizing that in just two days, our sweet Snowy would die quietly in her sleep last night.  We will miss her silent meow and sweet disposition.  She was 18 years old and lived a happy and long life. 

Snowy originally belonged to our son, Jim.  When he moved to an apartment that did not allow pets back in 2000, Snowy was left with us.  She then became a part of our cat family.

Snowy and Shadow spent a lot of time together.  Not so much with the other two.  I wonder if Shadow will miss Snowy?

We took him to the Vet to be cremated this morning and will add his Urn to the other family cats we have had since living here.

Was going to just sit and mope all day, but decided that since it is such a beautiful day, I would cut the grass and vacuum the leaves.

I think I will leave the driveway alone till more of the leaves have come down.  Can’t see doing this more than once.

Driveway Need to blow drivewayGot the backyard cutIn the Fall I put the vacuum connection on the mower.  It has a couple of leave bins to collect the cuttings, making things a lot easier to do.  Used to rake each Fall, but this is easier on the back.

Back yard freshly cut The front yard is done.Front yard

Felt much better getting outside and working in the yard.  Snowy is still gone, but made the pain more bearable.
See you later.


  1. Losing a pet is always so hard & the only thing that helps is time. We had the original Bayfield Bunch, Max, Checkers, & Cora cremated as well & they are all still side by side back in Bayfield. Keep on keeping busy....

  2. Humans who love their pets this much are good people! We are the lucky ones 'chosen' to share their lives.