Saturday, October 18, 2014

Travel Plans are Coming Together

October 18, 2014

Dolly and I have discussed how this year’s trip would come together.  I want to go and she is concerned with leaving our cats and our pregnant daughter-in-law, Sarah.  The cats are old and need more care than when they were younger.  Three of them are in their teens.  Last year, while we were gone, Dolly’s favorite, Calisto had a bad tooth infection and nearly died.  Evan, had to come by each day for weeks to give him medication that saved his life.  Our grand baby is due in the middle of April which would be fine because we could be back by then, but she worries that something may come up earlier in the pregnancy, and she would want to be here in that event.  There were a lot of trials and tribulations in conceiving this child, so I do understand her concerns.  Anyway, the bottom line is - I go and Dolly and Fergie stay.

Snowy is 18

Shadow is 13

Calisto is 17

Chloe is 9

I am not worried about Dolly making it through the winter by herself, because she has the whole family here to help if she needs it.  I am worried about me going alone.  I know it will not be as much fun without her, but my biggest worry is cooking.  I have never had to feed myself and I am not sure I can learn to cook.  I just know I want to go and my physical ability to do this is getting less each year. 

I have even picked a date for beginning this year’s adventure.  My daughter, her husband and my two grandkids are going to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to have Thanksgiving with Evan’s mother and her husband, Bill.  They do this most years.   The plan is for the grandkids to come with me in the motor home and Evan and Kristi follow in their car.  We will stop at a campground for the night in southern Missouri and arrive at their home on Thanksgiving day.  On Friday, I will start my journey to Southern California at a snail’s pace.

Have several items that need to be done before I can leave for this year’s southwestern trip.  Last year I bought a new hitch for the motor home to pull the jeep.  The current one has problems that needed addressing.  I did use it last year, but it was not the safest setup.  I called a welding shop and made an appointment for taking the old one off and welding the new one on.  Hopefully, they will be able to strengthen the rear of the motor home so it can safely hold up to 7500 pounds.  Will know more after they have looked at what needs to be done to accomplish this.

I mentioned in my last blog entry that the jeep has a problem.  That problem is still not resolved.  Evan has received two transmission computers, and they both did not function properly.  They are now waiting to receive a new shipment and hopefully we should receive a third one early next week.  Not going to think about what if it doesn’t work.  Luckily, there is still time to handle jeep problems before the time to leave arrives, but I am a little nervous.

See you later.


  1. Good for you in making the decision to have a go at traveling on your own. I'd be OK with the cooking stuff but I'd be in a jam understanding all the electrical stuff. TV remotes, cell phone stuff, internet connection problems, etc. etc. Traveling alone will be a major change for sure. All the best....................

    1. I am fairly knowledgeable with technical stuff. I was a programmer and web developer in my working career, so no problems there. Electrical is a little iffy but I have help from my son-in-law by phone if need be. You two take care till it cools off out there. Already getting cool here.