Monday, October 27, 2014

Verizon Jetpack 6620L

Monday, October 27, 2014

This morning, I had to run some errands, so ran into town to do them.  The Verizon Wireless store was right there, so I decided to go in and just check out the customer service and ask a few questions.  I have been researching the Verizon website for months now, but could not pull the trigger on buying anything.

Last winter, when Dolly, Fergie and I went on our RV journey, I borrowed my daughter’s Verizon Jetpack to use when my AT&T WI-FI Hotspot would not pick up a signal.  Ended up using the Verizon Jetpack most of the time.  Not because I couldn’t get an AT&T signal, but because it was easier.   Didn’t have to worry about picking up the phone before leaving the motorhome.  There were several places that only Verizon worked and the same for AT&T in other areas.

Prior to my travels last year, I also bought a Wilson Sleek for both Verizon and AT&T, and a Trucker’s antenna, so I was ready to boost signals.  I didn’t really keep track of which signal was more prevalent during my travels last year, but I’m betting it was Verizon.

My sales lady, Melissa was very helpful.  She went over the costs, if I bought Verizon smartphones and 6 gigs of data, and it would be $30 more a month than what I have for 10 gigs at AT&T.  Decided to stay with AT&T for now.  We love our Samsung Galaxy S3 phones.  

Then we looked at the new 6620L Jetpack with 4 gigs.  jetpack Figured I would bump to 6 gigs in December, when I start on my journey.  By dropping my AT&T data from 10 gigs to 1 gig, I would end up with the same monthly fee between the two of around $130 a month.  Dolly only uses around 500 mg a month and I use around 5 gig.  I’m the data hog.  Found out from Melissa that my old employer, State Farm, would pick up the $35 hook-up fee.  I’m glad I stopped in the store and didn’t just purchase online.  Gained a lot more information and saved some money.  

One day, I will switch to Verizon for my phones.  There is a Verizon cell tower about half mile from my house, so it only makes sense to get the best signal.  The AT&T tower is about three miles away and on the other side of a hill.  I get one to two bars without a booster for AT&T and five bars on the Verizon jetpack.  

Those Royals are having a tough time, but I guess, I should be glad we won one game in San Fran.  It’s still going to be tough to win two games straight, even in K.C.

Played Gin Rummy and Dolly won.  Tired of this back and forth play.  Time to watch some Monday night football!

See you later.

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