Friday, February 17, 2017

Cloudy Day with Winds

Friday, February 17, 2017

My location:  Just South of the entrance to Joshua Tree NP

When I looked out the back bedroom window to check the weather this morning, I spotted a large paper on the ground.  I knew instantly what it was.


Because, I have been looking everywhere for it the past two days!  It is the  centerfold map of Joshua Tree NP and it has the names of the valleys and mountains in this area on it.  (You know you’re getting old when a map centerfold excites you.)   I guess it had blown off the outside table and under the MH.  I had looked all around, but not under there.  It must have blown out overnight.

Because I didn’t have the map, I mistakenly called Pinto Mountain, Pinion Mountain in my blog the other day.  I have corrected the blog since.  Hopefully, I will name things properly now.

This morning, we awoke to dark clouds drifting in from the West.  Unusual, but pretty in its own way. 


As soon as Yuma and I walked out of the MH, here comes Jodie once more.  She just can’t wait for Yuma to come out and play.  Yesterday, that little devil sneaked right in the MH when I wasn’t looking and grabbed Yuma’s bone and high-tailed it back to her place to chew on it.


I think Jodie’s Dad is calling.  So, they both run up there and when I call Yuma, he comes running back.



He races right by me and makes a quick u-turn and shoots past me again.  Boy, is he fast!


Here’s a desert beetle.  I would hate for that thing to crawl on me at night in bed.  Over an inch long.  They probably live in the small holes I see all over the place.

1-IMG_3846  1-IMG_3863

Found a piece of Calcite that looks like opaque glass and embedded are small to medium size rocks from this area.  It is about 4” long and 3” in height.


The sun peaks out quite a bit, making it nice for a walk.



To the South of my camp across the valley are the Orocopia Mountains.  Down in the valley is I-10.


Glad I didn’t step on this beautiful little cactus with its tiny red blooms.


There are old asphalt roads running throughout the area around camp, left over from the Camp Young of the early 1940s era.  Cracked up, sand covered with Creosote brush growing in them.  In some places I can see the tank track indentions still in the asphalt.

1-IMG_3879  1-IMG_3888

I think there was a brick building here at one time.  Not much left except for some broken bricks and a hole in the ground.


There’s so much beauty around, but occasionally you find junk strewn about.  Guess this barrel was used as a fire pit many years ago.


Don’t think this freezer is World War II vintage, but the road is.

1-IMG_3891  1-IMG_3886

My neighbors Eric, Shaena and their dog Punk stopped by and brought me some banana nut bread.  Yuma and I ate it all before it got cold and it was soooo delicious.  Thank you for thinking of us.

They mentioned that on their hike today, they saw three desert tortoises.  They must know rain is coming and are moving from their burrows to higher ground.  Now I have to go look for one.  They are a protected species so can’t touch.

They were nice enough to send me the pictures they took with their cellphone of the ones they saw today.  Thanks, Eric and Shaena.


Tonight is Gold Rush night so will have to wait till morning and hope the rain holds off.

See you later.


  1. Those desert tortoises are big. I'll bet they stay cool deep underground. What a beautiful little cactus. I'm sure glad you found your map. Now, you'll know where you're going. That Yuma is very, very fast! Enjoy Gold Rush!

  2. PS. Big storm headed your way. Don't get blown off the mountain!

  3. You're in my thoughts as I watch the radar of the huge storm system moving in on you tonight along with high winds. Curl up with Yuma and stay Safe ! Hope you were able to get a good signal to watch Gold Rush .

    1. Thanks Moonfly. Not much of a storm nor winds. Had no problems at all last night, just a little rain with slight winds.

  4. Just saw the news about the big storms hitting southern California. Hope that stuff they showed doesn't hit ya!

    1. No problems here. Just a little rain and cloudy skies.

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  6. We've never seen a desert Tortoise either. Hope you made out alright in those high winds Thursday. They sure were a-blowin down here around Yuma. It's Saturday morning now and the winds have stopped but it's sure raining right now.

  7. We had a very nice day Saturday. As the day progressed, it got sunnier and warmer and never did rain. Had a bit of wind and rain last night, but not enough to bother. Will have clouds today with a few passing rain showers and that will be all.

  8. Thanks for the weather update - glad you are Safe - have fun with Yuma today !

  9. I laughed so hard at your centerfold comment! :-D

    1. Thanks Kristi. Hope you're having fun on the slopes.