Saturday, February 15, 2020

On the move towards Yuma, Arizona

Location:  Fifteen miles South of Quartzsite, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!  I had my best night's sleep in weeks last night.  Didn't take any cold medicine, so I think my head cold is finally breaking up.

  Going to be a beautiful day with temperatures in the high 60s with little to no wind.  That will make me feel better.  

I've decided to head towards Yuma, Arizona today, but will make a one or two day stopover in the Sonoran Desert South of Quartzsite to rest up and get rid of all the flies I've accumulated in the White Lion.

Stopped over to say goodbye to Deb and Riley before heading out.  A secret admirer had given them flowers for Valentine's Day.  They must have a good friend out here in the desert somewhere.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Yuma loves his bed being between the Captains Chairs.
Drive careful, Dad.

Leaving Saddle Mountain area.

Saddle Mountain
Stopped  at a rest area to throw away an accumulation of trash before moving on.

Coming over the mountains into the La Paz Valley.

Quartzsite, Arizona in the valley below.

We arrived at our location not too many miles southwest of Palm Canyon in the KOFA Mountains.  I'm about a mile west of highway 95 in a very quiet and secluded place that Deb told me about.  She and Riley stayed around this area several weeks ago.

Feeling better today and looking forward to being stronger tomorrow.  Going to bed early tonight so I can be ready for tomorrow.

See you later.


  1. I'm glad you had a better night's rest, Doug. Love the pix of Yuma in his bed. Good picture of Deb and Riley but you know me, I'm looking for smiles!!
    Travel safe, maybe when you are closer we'll come see that new White Lion! :)

  2. Thanks Patsy. I shoulda waited for the smiles:)). Yuma loves the bed while traveling. That's good. May be in your neck of the woods very soon.

  3. Great photo of Deb & Riley - pretty flowers.! White Lion & Jeep make an impressive pairing. Glad to see you back on the road again & in a place where you can leave the door open. Let the flies out & not worry about new ones coming in. Travel safe. 😎

  4. It looks like this is a much better area - warmer, sans flies. I'm glad you're on the mend. Lovely flowers for Deb and Riley. Yuma looks very happy! Miss you boys.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Good photo of Deb and Riley.
    I'm certain Dollie appreciated her beautiful Flowers.
    Each trip you make with the White Lion will give you more experience and driving skills that are different then those with Miss Adventure.
    You might consider moving Yuma's bed behind the passenger seat when traveling so you don't step on him when you get up and if you have to stop real quick he'll be contained. Just a thought.
    Be Safe and Enjoy getting rid of the flies.

    It's about time.

  6. Thanks for the flowers Doug. It was nice to see you boys pulling out on your new adventure. A bit sad of course but still we're happy for you to be off on a brand new adventure! Glad you found our little spot. Safe travels.

  7. Great that you're feeling better while starting on a new adventure.

  8. Your in the area of our favorite mountain range...The Kofas. Looks like your head cold may have run it's course. Time to get out and dust up those hiking boots again. We always favored that area you are now in years ago when we used to do the Quartzsite thing. Much quieter down that-a-way and with the rocky ground surface one isn't likely to get stuck in any kind of sand or track dirt into the rig if it rains. Keep on keeping on.

  9. Glad you're on the up and up. That was so sweet of their secret admirer to give them the flowers :) How lucky they are! Gosh darn the White Lion looks shiny!! Beautiful spot you're at now!