Sunday, January 22, 2023

Arches, Friends and Football

 Slept in this morning.  It was a cool 34 degrees out with a little breeze and blue skies.  They promise a great day ahead, but still too early.

Today, there are two NFL games on, one being my pool team, the Cowboys.  After breakfast, I spent several hours trying to get my local TV channels to work to no avail.  Finally, I got smart and  replaced the broken  TV  cable with another one and voila, I have my channels.

Between games, Tom, Deb, Yuma and I went over to Deb and Riley’s site to visit a wash that has an arch.

Yuma just loves to run and explore washes.  He's like a kid in a sandbox.

Bet he sleeps good tonight.
Here's the group enjoying the warm day, discussing the best movie they have ever seen.
Chocolate Mountains and the Salton Sea in the background.
Had to leave early to root Dallas on and at the moment it is not looking good.  Well, they lost.  My run is done with Dallas.
Supposed to have Santa Ana winds later this evening and tomorrow, so I have everything put away.  Planning to move in the next day or so, anyway.
Another beautiful day.  Time for some burgers and bed.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Deb showed you a nice arch over the wash, I'll have to add it to my explorations.
    You missed the 'Bungles' taking the #1 seed out. Good game in the snow.

  2. It was fun taking a walk and doing a little exploring and seeing the arch Deb and you talked about. Glad you changed your mind and joined us. The wind is certainly howling tonight.

  3. Well sorry your team got knocked out. Where you headed to next? That Yuma is a great explorer!😁

  4. Sorry Dallas lost ... I was rooting for SF and their rookie quarterback. He did a good job!! Big winds here today too. Hopefully gone tomorrow.

  5. I’m surprised we haven’t ended up on the rim with you folks with these winds. Oh wait, they are from the wrong direction! Finding the arch was fun and I’m glad you decided to come along. Yuma loved that sand running, he’s a speed demon.


  6. Love the arch and Yuma pictures! Happy Hour with friends, the best way to end the day other than football for you :) I am curious to see where you're heading.

  7. Even though your team did not make it, those were a couple of good games!

  8. Let's see where you head to next. Safe travels..