Sunday, January 1, 2023

Day of wind on the first day of 2023

Happy New Year!  This morning it started out cloudy, but soon turned sunny and nice.  But it wasn't long before the winds picked up.  Calling for strong winds with 40 mph gusts.

It got so windy, the mountains disappeared in the blowing sands.  It blew so hard it was rocking the White Lion and kept us all inside.  I watched a little football on TV until the antenna started swaying so hard I could not get the FOX station from Yuma so Yuma and I laid down in bed and just relaxed listening to the strong winds outside.  Today we had the worst winds I've endured the entire time I've been coming here.

Steve and Tracie visited Dolly yesterday.

Steve, Tracie and their two babies.

This evening I watched the last episode of the season of Yellowstone.  I have found this to be an exciting and well produced TV program.  It returns this summer.

Yuma and I have had our dinner and he is enjoying a little rest while I watch a preview of 1923.

That has been our day.  Tomorrow, I will try to start the White Lion.  Wish me luck.

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  1. The wind did a job hiding the mountains and the sand dunes this afternoon. Hope it is just a breeze in the morning.

  2. Crazy winds. It's just been weird weather all around. I've got my fingers crossed for the White Lion to start right up!!

  3. Lots of rocking yesterday for sure. Lots of dust too. I’m sure the WL will start right up. Good luck.


  4. Wow. Our weather was a little crazy yesterday but nothing like what you had. Blessings on WL!