Sunday, January 15, 2023

NFL Football

 This morning, I was awake at 9 o'clock, after a night of rain and wind.  Not acting like southern California weather right now.  Guess I should be glad we've missed most of the storms.

At least the temperature got to 64 today, but the wind came in with a vengeance.  Thought it would rain, but never did.  They say, maybe tonight.
Amazing how water from the mountains over many centuries has turned this flat desert into deep crevices.  There are so many, you could get lost driving through them.  I'm heading that way when the weather gets better.

All my neighbors left today, so I have the place back to myself again.  Even the tree fire crowd has dwindled.  Sorry, we had to have such a poor weekend after so many good days.  Tough to have to go back to work. What I decide to do is pretty much up to me.  Nice to have so much freedom.

Last one to leave this afternoon.
Thank goodness, the play-offs were on all day, so I stayed inside and watched the games.  Had several close ones and one upset when the Giants beat the Vikings.
Other than taking a few walks with Yuma today, that has been my day.  By the time this last game of the day is over and I've grilled and eaten my two cheeseburgers, it will be the end of another weekend.  Can't believe I've been here a week already.  Still lots to see and do before I leave.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's too bad the weather wasn't perfect for the 4Wers. They're probably used to the ups and downs. At least it made it nice for you to just stay in and watch football. Yuma is happy to be inside with the wind and rain, I'm sure. Tomorrow will be a nicer day.

  2. Nice views. It was windy and dreary here today too. I’m sure Yuma is happy to have quiet again.


  3. We are getting the rain here tonight. Hopefully you and we will have sunny skies tomorrow. Poor Yuma I am sure he is glad for the noise to be gone.

  4. Can you mark on a map where you are? Just curious ... looks like a neat place to stop. Those football games were pretty good!!