Bisbee – Part II and Guadalupe Mountain National Park

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Before covering today’s travels, I want to finish covering our visit to Bisbee. 

It was lunch time in Bisbee on Thursday afternoon and we headed to Erie Street to the BBC (Bisbee Breakfast Club) for some lunch.  We had heard of the BBC from blogging friends Al and Kelly of the Travel with the Bayfield Bunch

Erie Street is located on the west side of Bisbee in the Lowell District and is a dead end street.  It has a lot of old businesses, some still in business and some are not.  Here is the old Greyhound terminal with an old bus still sitting out front.Greyhound Bus Terminal An old car sits in front of a building at Number One Erie Street.Biker Patrol

This emblem was on the door of the Indian Motorcycle Dealer.Door EmblemIndian Shop Harley and Indian Bike Shops.Harley and Indian shops

Businesses on the south side of the street.Bussinesses on south side of street.

Looking down Erie Street.Looking down Erie Street

Old Texaco Station.Old Texaco Station

The reason for our visit - BBC BBC Dolly, Fergie and I had sandwiches, fries, onion rings and cokes for lunch at the BBC and it was delicious.  In fact, there was so much, we took a portion home for dinner.  Delicious meal!


Saturday morning

Sunrise over Las Cruces

We spent last night at a rest stop just past the I-10 135 exit overlooking the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Very nice, but unfortunately, we had a refrigeration truck parked across from us and about every hour, his generator would come on to keep his produce cold.  Wasn’t too bad, but he could have parked elsewhere and I would have been happier.  It was free and easy, so can’t complain.

It is supposed to get windy in this part of the country today, so we left the rest stop at 10 this morning.  We had a devil of a time finding hwy 62/180 going toward Carlsbad, NM.  The whole area north of El Paso, Texas has new roads, so my Google Maps confused me.  Wasn’t long before we passed into Texas. We got gas, and finally, got on the right road and headed northeast.  Luckily, we are not in a hurry today.

Steep incline
Steep incline

Hwy 62/180 is a beautiful road going through deserts,Hwy 62/180 sand hills,  and just a small section of the Guadalupe Mountains.Salt Lake and Guadalupe MountainsStopped at Salt Lake with Guadalupe Mountains in background   The highest mountain, Guadalupe Peak, is right above us as we travel up the mountains.  Steepest road we have been on this trip.  Luckily, it wasn’t more than about 10 miles of weaving up the mountain, till we started down the other side.Guadalupe Mountains Guadalupe Mountains  

As we were going up the mountain at about 35 miles an hour, there was a sign for Guadalupe National Park, seven miles ahead.  We decided that if they had an RV campground, we would stop for the day.  It is so beautiful in these mountains, we would love more of it.  Sure enough, they have a small campground, Pine Springs Campground, and with my Senior Pass, it is only $3 for the night with no hook-ups.  You do get restrooms and free water.  It was only about 2 pm, so did a little hiking.  The trail head to Guadalupe Peak is here, but don’t think I am in good enough shape to hike to the top.  So, I just walked far enough to take pictures of our surroundings and called it a day.Looking down 

Here are views from our campground.
View from campgroundView from campground
View from campground 

See you later.


  1. When we left Bayfield in the Fall of 06 on or first major RV trip the Carlsbad Caverns were our very first destination in the South West. Great place & I bought my first Cowboy hat along the highway near the Carlsbad Cavern turn off there at the Apache Indian Trading Post. There's a little rundown campground at the turn off & that's where we did an overnighter before heading off to El Paso & points west.

    1. This is a beautiful area. Got our first rain this morning. Nice. We have been here before, years ago. Hope to boondock near here for a week.

  2. What a beautiful drive! We're looking forward to the days when our plans are set in jello rather than stone!

    1. I wish I had started when I first retired instead of waiting seven years. Don't let time get away from you. Go as soon as you can. Health is fleeting at my age.

  3. What gorgeous country! We LOVED Bisbee.... went to the weaving area in the lower level of the old YMCA building and had a nice tongue wag with the gals there. Such a quirky little town, has to be seen and driven through to be believed!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard