Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pecos River

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another slow day, but it was a beautiful one.  Lost an hour last night, so we started out a little later this morning.  In the afternoon, I decided to go for a bike ride down to the lake.  I was surprised to find that the primitive camping area was down next to the lake. 

Took the bike down the gravel road and there was no one in the primitive area.  It had a number of sites very near the water.  Unfortunately, they charge $10 for no facilities at all, and for $4 more you get water and electric, so we chose the latter. Primitive Camp The grassland around the lake is beautiful and serene.  Bet there are lots of jack rabbits in there munching away.Grassland The lakeshore is not hospitable.  No walking along the shore at this lake.Lake shore

After getting back from my bike ride, I took the jeep down to the dam  to take a look around.  Climbed to the top and looked back at our campground.Top of the damDamLooking south along the lake berm holding the water from the desert floor below.Lake bermMy jeep waits for me to climb back down.Top of the dam 

In the trees in the background, is the Pecos River after leaving this dam.Pecos River in background   I am now heading down to the Pecos River to get a few last photos before we leave the area tomorrow.

I had to walk through some gnarly trees to see the river.  Not an easy one to get to.Pecos River Looking back.Looking back

There’s the Pecos River heading to the Rio Grande in Texas.Pecos River

See you later.

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