Friday, March 7, 2014

Carlsbad Caverns Scenic Drive

Friday, March 7, 2014

It is supposed to be a beautiful day, so after breakfast, we hopped in the jeep and headed south on highway 62/180 for Carlsbad Caverns.  We aren’t planning on going into the caverns because Fergie would not be able to go.  Since we both have seen them before, we decided to take the 10 mile scenic drive through Walnut Canyon. 

This drive starts at the top of the mountain where the caverns are located and winds around Walnut Canyon back down to near the entrance at highway 62/180. 

About a mile before reaching the Caverns entrance there is an old trading post.  Unfortunately, it was closed.  I am sure it had been there for many years.  Don’t see these too much anymore. 1-DSC05563   Here is Dolly and Fergie at the teepee.Trading Post

We were soon at the entrance.1-DSC05570  There was a two lane road that went seven miles up Walnut Canyon. Road to Carlsbad When we got to the top, there is a large entrance building that sells lots of souvenirs.  Dolly had to do some shopping before we headed out for the scenic loop.Dolly and Fergie

View of the Chihauhaun Desert from the top of the canyon at the entrance to the caverns.Chihauhaun Desert below

About three miles into the drive, the trailhead for Rattlesnake Canyon was on our left.  Beautiful canyon.Rattlesnake Canyon We walked a short way up the canyon and took some photos.Walking Rattlesnake Canyon trail

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail
Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Canyon
Rattlesnake Canyon  Rattlesnake Canyon 

We continued on around Walnut Canyon.  There was a turn in the wash, so I got out of the jeep to investigate.  As I was walking toward the wash, Dolly yelled. “Look up"!”  I heard a clacking noise and looked across the wash and there was a Mule Deer walking along the hillside.Mule DeerMule DeerMule Deer

We were nearly to the end of our scenic drive, when I saw something long and slim move in the gravel road ahead.  Grabbed the camera and jumped out of the jeep to get a closer look.Bull SnakeBull Snake It was a very pretty Bull Snake.  Looked like it had recently shed its skin and was nice and shiny.  I guess it is about three to four feet in length.

By the time we stopped by Walmart for a few groceries and got home, it was already 5 pm and time to call it a day.  We had an enjoyable day.

See you later.

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  1. Yep, that was the very place I bought my first Cowboy hat alright.............