Friday, March 14, 2014

Oklahoma Here We Come

Thursday, March 13, 2014

We have been the only ones in the RV Park these last two days, so it has been quiet. Big Texas RV Resort We left the RV park around 10 am heading up toward Amarillo and I-40.  Eastern panhandle of Texas is mainly prairie.Texas Prairie Oklahohoma prairie is about the same.Oklahoma Prairie

Watch out truck!
Watch out truck!

We followed I-40 on an uneventful day and arrived in Oklahoma City, OK at around 2:30 which is where we had decided to stop for the day.Oklahoma City   However, Dolly was sleeping on the couch and so Fergie and I thought we would go on a little further.  But there was a flaw in that thinking. 

I no longer got out of Oklahoma City, when I hit the I-44 toll road with limited exits all the way to Tulsa.  So, I kept going all the way to Tulsa, stopping once for gas on the toll road. 

Got to Tulsa, and of course, it was the 5 o’clock traffic, so couldn’t pull off the road there.  Kept going, but decided not to take the toll road from Tulsa to Joplin.  Jumped on old route 66 heading to Claremore to find an RV park.  Stopped in Claremore and checked the internet for a place and did find one. 

Seven miles north of Claremore on hwy 88 is the Outpost Christian Post and RV Park.  Not sure what Christian Post is but they did have full hook-ups for $18 so we’re in for the night.

The ground was very uneven, so went to get the boards out and place them under the passenger side and as I was looking at the tires, I was surprised to see the passenger outside dual tire was flat as a flounder.  Flat as a flounder I wonder how long I have been driving on a flat tire?  Guess I will never know.

Tried to inflate the tire, but it would not hold any air at all.  Getting dark, so this will be a problem for tomorrow.

See you later.

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  1. We blew an outside rear driver's side tire in northern New Mexico on our way south in the Fall. Had we not heard it blow we would never have known we were driving with a flat because the rig never changed driving characteristics one bit. We drove for about 5 miles before we found a spot to pull over & get off the road.