Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Day at Pine Springs Campground

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunrise at Pine Springs Campground

We woke up this morning to a brilliant sunrise, but the clouds were coming over the mountains and they looked like rain.Rain is coming   Sure enough, by 8 am it was raining lightly. Rain in the Guadalupes As the morning progressed, the rain became a little heavier until about 11 am and then it was done.  You can now see splashes of sun on the mountains.ClearingSplash of sun First rain we have had in the two plus months we have been on our vacation.

As the day progressed, the wind has picked up and we have gusts of cool air.  We are not used to cool air.  I think we only got to the mid fifties today.

We stayed close to the RV and around noon, we decided to pay for one more day and stick around here.  The scenery is just beautiful.Guadalupe Mountains 

These are photos from yesterday.  The name of this mountain is El Capitan.
El Capitan As I was driving up the side of the mountains, took a photo off to the side.  That is hwy 62/180 in the valley.Hwy 62/180 in background This is a photo of The Bowl.The Bowl

All of these mountains have trailheads here at the Pine Springs Campground.  Wish I were younger, I would hike one of the trails, but we’re looking at 6 to 9 miles roundtrip.  Don’t think I could do it without some real pain.  If you kids are ever out this way, this would be a great place to do some serious day hikes.

See you later.


  1. I would not be in too much of a hurry to get back to Illinois! Mid fifties sure sounds better than 1°F, the temp we sitting at early afternoon in Bloomington. I think you have been spoiled missing out on all of this cold, snowy weather. I have heard this is the snowiest winter since 1978.
    That sure looks like a great area to visit!

  2. Gorgeous sunrise & beautiful scenery! It must be hard to think about moving on!