Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brantley Lake and the Pecos River

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

After breakfast this morning, I took a bike ride around the campground and down to the Brantley Lake boat ramp.  The lake was created when the Brantley Dam was built across the Pecos River in the 1980s. Brantley LakeBrantley Lake Dam

Here are some photos of the Pecos River near where it leaves the Brantley Dam.

Pecos River Pecos River
Pecos River Pecos RiverPecos River

The day is kind of hazy, and with the light clouds and wind, we won’t hit 70 today.  We decided to check out Carlsbad and do a little grocery shopping.1-DSC05460I was surprised how big the town is.   Highway 285 runs through it and they have named it Canal Street.  The whole town seems to be on this one street. 

We did our shopping at Walmart and Dolly bought so much, they had to call in another truckload so she could finish her shopping.
Shopping DayWalmart truck
I didn’t realize Dolly’s family owns a business here in Carlsbad.  Just kidding.  Her maiden name is Nichols.
Dolly's maiden name is Nichols

See you later.

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