Sunday, March 16, 2014

Home Again

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sunrise in Missouri
Sunrise in our Missouri campground
Signs of spring
Signs of spring

This morning, we slept in a little waiting for it to warm up so I could go out and empty the fresh water tanks in preparation to going into freezing weather.  Around 9 am, I emptied the fresh water tank and then used the air compressor to blow out all the water lines.   I have RV antifreeze at home, so I will add that when I get home tonight.  I finish up by emptying both the grey tank and black tank, so they are done for this trip. 

The weather today is perfect.  Clear skies and it will be near 70 today in Missouri and also in Illinois.  However, today is the last day.  Tonight, a storm is coming from the southwest and will meet a cold front coming from the north.  It will be raining and sleeting around here by tomorrow morning, so we need to go.  It will be down to 19 tonight at home, so will need to finish the RV winterization as soon as I get home. 

Today will be a long day and we didn’t get started on the road till near 11 am.  I figure it will be after 5 pm before we get home.  The road trip today has been uneventful compared to yesterday and we made good time.  Within three hours, we were going through St. Louis and into Illinois.St Louis

We are now in familiar country.  Flat land, corn bins and farmland.Illinois farmland   Turned onto our road and we could see what was left of our long cold and snowy winter. Our road home Got home just after 5 pm and Fergie was so happy to be home and was glad to see his kitty friends, Snowy, Shadow, Calisto and Chloe.  We had left our four cats and two parakeets at home.  Our kids took turns the last three months, stopping by the home to tend on them.

Our driveway
Our driveway
Home at last
Home at last!

Must hurry and get things into the house before the freezing weather hits.  It is already windy and very cool.  I hate cold weather.  Wish I was somewhere warm right now.

See you later.

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  1. Hope you're prepared for the freezing weather! It sure does look beautiful out there though.