Gettin’ er Done!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This morning, when I awoke I was determined to get things done today.  Fed and walked Yuma around the area.  I was afraid Yuma was going to jump right in the canal after the ducks, but he thought better of it.


As I sat reading my blogs and drinking coffee I decided to call an RV repair shop and see if I could get my furnace looked at.  This was about 9 o’clock and I hadn’t had my breakfast yet. 

Ever since I have owned this rig, the furnace has not been dependable.  It will work one day and then not work the next.  Lately, it has been mostly the latter.

I looked up RV furnace repair on Google and found Al’s RV Service and Supply.  I figured anyone named Al should be an honest man.  Luckily, they were located on Fortuna Road near the I-8 exit, the same one I came in on last night, so I knew where it was.

When I called Al, he told me he didn’t do repairs anymore; just parts, but he knew the man I should call that used to work for him.  He gave me the phone number for Vic’s Mobile RV Repair and I gave him a call.

I never expected to get such fast service, but he said he could meet me at Al’s shop in 45 minutes and I said I would be there.  No breakfast; just closed up the MH and high-tailed it down to Al’s place.

Vic was already there and waiting when I arrived. 


Introduced himself and got right to work.  In no time at all he diagnosed my problem and made an adjustment on the propane igniter and the furnace was working. 

1-IMG_1476  1-IMG_1478


















However, he said the igniter was weak and should be replaced,  The part is $15 and he would put it in for the $80 diagnostic and labor price he had had already quoted, so I said, “Let’s do it.”  He checked at Al’s Parts but he would have to order and should be in tomorrow. 

Asked him where the nearest Walmart was and then headed down there to order some medication I need.  The lady at the pharmacy counter said they would be ready around noon tomorrow.  That was just fine.  I need to wait for my part anyway.

So, both of the objectives I wanted to accomplish today are done and it wasn’t even noon.  Now I can eat my breakfast and then Yuma and I have the rest of the day to lazy around the Walmart parking lot and get some needed rest.  Later tonight I will do my shopping and we should be ready for weeks of boondocking once more.

Just east of us is a large sandy lot just perfect for Yuma and me to walk around in and not get in the way of any vehicles.


Tomorrow they are calling for somewhat cooler temps and possibly rain showers.  Glad I got things done today while the weather is just beautiful.  I can try out my furnace in the morning to get the chill out.

Late in the day while walking Yuma in the desert lot to the east, these two propelled gliders flew overhead.  Certainly a beautiful day for it.

1-IMG_1500  1-IMG_1499

My home at the Walmart parking lot.


See you later.


  1. Always uplifting to find a competent parts and repair man ...... lucky you found two today !!!
    Fun that Yuma gets back to the area of his birth.
    I remember the day you picked him up and gave him the chance at such an adventureous life !!!

    1. Thanks Sally. Yuma has become an invaluable friend on these visits to southwest. He is the best!

  2. The Walmart looks inviting. Nice place for Yuma to run around. Glad you found Al (and Vic) and the furnace works until the repair. Love the gliders!

    1. Thanks Dolly. This has been a good day. First day in awhile I have had an evening to relax. So glad the repair went off so easily.

    2. You know how I hate to call repairmen.

  3. Be nice to have that furnace working right! Take care Dad. Love you.

    1. Thanks, Steve. Thought I would get it done, while I'm out here where there are a lot of RV repairmen. Back home, they are hard to find.

      Love you too.

  4. Love those BLUE skies, sunshine, & palm trees with Yuma running thru the sand. You had a lucky day finding a good RV repair guy and an afternoon to relax. Nice 😊

    1. It was nice to have such a beautiful day and be able to relax and enjoy. Hoping today, the part comes in, so I can wrap this up.

  5. We used Al's last year in Yuma a they sent us a great repair guy. Also had good luck with Rv lifestyle's in Quartzsite. Nice to have the furnace working properly again even if we don'y need them often. It is so nice to be free to go wherever we like.

    1. Thanks for the tips, George. It is nice to kill the chill in the air first thing in the morning. The furnace does it much more quickly than Mr. Buddy.

  6. When I got home from Quartzsite yesterday I found out my oil filled radiator electric heater is dead. At 10pm I surrendered and ran to Walmart and got a small electric ceramic heater. My propane furnace works, but plugged in here at the park is rather burn electricity than propane. I'm making note of your repair guy as there are a couple of things I need repaired before I can boondock in this rv.

  7. I always love seeing palm trees! Great work on getting your furnace fixed up by Vic! Looks like you had a truly beautiful day!