Two Good Things Happened Today

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Didn’t go into the Casino last night, but I could hear the music.  Someone around here shot off fireworks around mid-night and poor Yuma was scared to death.  He jumped off the bed and curled up in the hallway panting.  It wasn’t till around 1 A.M. that he felt save enough to come back to bed.

Woke up to the patter of rain again.  Didn’t last too long, but it remained cloudy and cool till around noon.  That’s when I crawled under the MH looking to see if I could find the propane leak.  Last year, my son-in-law, Evan and I fixed a leak and I thought maybe a fitting had come loose.  The original piping had gotten smashed by the weight of the MH coming down on it and was leaking. 

Sure enough, that was where the leak again occurred.  It wasn’t a loose fitting though.  The entire fitting broke off the hose by the constant motion of the MH going down the road. 


Tomorrow morning, I will run to a hardware store and replace the hose with a better one.  Should be about $10.  That is a lot cheaper than taking it to a repair shop and less time-consuming too.  Let you know how this comes out in tomorrow’s post, if I don’t blow myself up.  This is the first good thing to happen today.

As I was laying around the MH, I decided I would try to start the big generator once more.  When I tried to start it before leaving, it would grind, but not start.  Well, it turns out that even though the MH engine would start, the engine battery was not charged enough to start the generator, thus the grinding sound.  The MH had been sitting for three months and the engine battery charge had gotten low. 

Well, after 1840 miles of the alternator charging the engine battery, it was ready to start anything and when I pushed the starter button on the generator, it started right up.  Ran it for a couple of hours to cool the icebox into a fridge once more.  That is the second good thing to happen today.

Didn’t even look into why the inverter acts up when connected to the MH electrical system.  Will do that when it is warmer since it is not a big problem and I have a work-around.

Saw this cute slogan on the back window of a toad this afternoon, while on one of my many walks with Yuma.  He just loves to walk around and sniff every bush he sees.


Also, saw these huge cactus along the fence around the outdoor arena they have at the casino.


See you later.


  1. So glad things are looking up. Yuma will be glad New Year's is finally here. What beautiful cactus!

    1. I hope so. I hope by Monday evening, I gave gas.

  2. I have the opposite issue with my propane. It only sees and uses 1 gal, even thought the 10gal tank shows full on the gauge inside the MH. That is one of my projects to tinker with today. Glad your issues are all working out.

    1. If it isn't one thing, it's another with these mobile homes. Hoping tonight I'll be back to normal. Be sure to google on your propane problem. I'm sure someone else has had that problem.

  3. Love those big cactus ! Hope you find an easy fix for your problems . You're in a beautiful location to enjoy a little downtime after all the long drive. Good Luck

    1. Wasn't too bad on the pocketbook, since I could do it myself. Thankful for that. Going to drive up to the Kitt Peak National Observatory tomorrow. You're right, time for some fun.

  4. Happy New Year Doug!! It makes me so happy to hear about your good things happening! So glad things are looking up. Seems like besides the fireworks Yuma is having a blast!