Thursday, February 22, 2018

Canyon hike

Thursday, February 22, 2018 – Location:  Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, Arizona

This morning I got up and went outside just after 7 A.M. hoping to catch the Falcon 9 rocket take off at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the coast of California.  7:17 went by and no rocket.  Evidently 500 miles is too far away to see anything.

Went back in and warmed the place up and sat around drinking coffee and reading blogs.  The cold last night didn't  bother us.  We had enough covers to keep us comfortable.  Got down to 32 degrees.

Around noon, I decided to hike up the canyon just south of our MH.  To give you a perspective, this canyon goes about a mile and ends at a ridge overlooking the canyon we drove the Jeep into and hiked the opposite canyon just the other day.


As usual, Yuma leads the way.  Nice ankle twisting, bone breaking boulders.


See that tiny Saguaro cactus way up at the very top center left. That’s where we’re headed.



That is the big mountain to my left that I climbed part way up the other day.


There’s the MH looking back to the north.


Yuma doesn’t always stay on the straight and narrow, so I have to fend for myself most of the time.


That’s where we’re headed.IMG_1536

Looking to my right as we climb.


Kept hearing chirping and it was these little guys flitting through the trees.


Beautiful bright green Ocotillo plant.


Off to my right.



Looking back down the canyon to the north.


Looking into one of many little caves along the canyon wall near the top.


Looking back down the canyon.


Very near the top.



Looking over the ridge at the mountains to the south.


There is the white pinnacle I saw the other day way across the canyon in the mountain beyond.


Looking back from the top.IMG_1568IMG_1572

Looking around at the beautiful views on either side of the canyon as I start my descent.


Over two mile hike today.  Needless to say, I’m very tired and sore once more.  Time to relax, do my blog, fix dinner and go to bed.

Hope you enjoyed the hike.  See you later.


  1. That was a very cool hike. So many beautiful scenes. I see you made it to the little saguaros. What kind of bird was eyeballing you? You really have a nice flat spot to camp. I'm so glad Yuma didn't twist any ankles or break any bones! 😀 What a beautiful octillo! Better get some rest! ❤

    1. Thanks Dolly. I think they are Cactus Wrens, but not sure. They seemed to be following us.

      Yuma is pretty sturdy.

  2. I was worried about dad dad breaking a bone! Great pics dad. I bet it's just breath-taking everywhere you look! Love you!

    1. Yes it is. Everywhere I look I want to take a picture. Wish I was your age. I could go anywhere.

      Love you.

  3. Looking at your photos I feel myself missing the mountains. I always liked rock scrambling like that but the last few years with Kelly's health we haven't been able to do as much of that. We'll see what this coming winter brings. I'm sure not missing your cold weather out there though.

    1. Unfortunately, my body is just not up to these mountain hikes. Going to have to cut back and rely on the Jeep.

      Hopefully only a week of cool weather and then back to the 70s. I'm certainly not missing your humidity 😂.

      Hopefully things work out for the better over the coming months.

      Thinking of Kelly.

  4. A lot of great pics again today! Looks like you had a beautiful day for hiking. Maybe going to have an R&R day tomorrow. Take care Dad. Love you.

    1. R&R for sure. Sore tonight. Thanks for stopping by. Love you.

  5. What wonderful pictures of your hike. I especially like the first one of the Saguaro standing there all majestic but I really like the green Ocotillo which is my favorite desert plant. I have not seen any green ones here in Borrego Springs...:(
    You and Yuma are looking good, he is certainly getting better at the selfies.

    P.S. We have started to save for the special silver duct tape...LOL

    1. Thanks Deb. I'm beginning to think you're more of a plant person than a mountain person. I like that.

      Yuma is doing pretty good with the camera, but he should have had more light on us😎.

      I've got a little of that silver duct tape left I could give Tom for a discounted price 😂.

  6. Over hill over dale they will hit the dusty trail - Doug and Yuma keep Rolling along. With a Hi Hi Hee - thirsty dog and tired knees - Doug and Yuma keep Rolling along. 😳😇😀.

    1. Good one Moonfly! You're right about the knees. In fact everything hurts. Going to have to let the Jeep do the walking for awhile.

      Luckily Yuma likes to ride if it is not too bumpy ☺.

  7. Excellent views. Love your pictures.

    Yuma looks excited to have reached the top. He seemed more excited than you did. I would have been doing a happy dance at the top !!! I find going up much easier than coming down usually.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure Doug.

    1. Thanks Deb. Yuma always likes to hike. Me, I'm about on my last leg.

      Jeep time now for awhile.

  8. If you find yourself closer to the coast on March 20, you will have another chance to catch the exhaust plume of a rocket launch.

  9. Thanks Jeff. Unfortunately, I'm on an Eastward trek now. Will have to watch on TV.