Monday, February 5, 2018

Laundry Day and Fonts Point

Monday, February 5, 2018 - Location:  Rockhouse Trail near Borrego Springs, CA

Beautiful sunrise this morning.  Got up early enough to catch it today.
Pastel sunrise!

Tail of Santa Rosa Mountains to the left
Today is laundry day!  I hate this day and put it off as long as possible.  Last time was January 12th, so almost made it a month.  It was as bad as I thought it could be!  Heading into town.  The laundromat is down by those palm trees on the left just before running into the mountains.
There is only one laundromat in Borrego Springs and since I came in the middle of a Monday morning around 11 A.M, it was crowded.   All the washers and dryers were full, so I had to wait.  
While waiting, I walked around the beautiful lodge area behind the laundromat.  Set up like an old western town.

Luckily, I struck up a conversation with a nice lady and she let me have her two washers when they finished.  Only had to wait 17 minutes for that.  Then I tried to put $4.00 worth of quarters in the first one and of course it jammed.  

Tried pushing the button for the coin return and that worked until it jammed.  Evidently, I kept stuffing quarters in after the first jam.   I could see the quarters in the return slot all stuck together, so I pulled out my pocketknife and wrangled them out.  About eight of them slowly came out.  

Put them in again, slowly this time and got it going.  Yeah!  The nice lady then told me I could use a credit card, so for the other machine, that's what I did.  No jamming this time!

The nice lady allowed me to use her two dryers when she finished so I was set.  By 1 P.M. I was out of there.  Didn't fold them so I do have some wrinkled stuff, but no one will notice.  Not like I'm heading for a party or anything.

Of course I had to leave Yuma tied up at the bench outside, so he was always on my mind.  Amazing how many people came up to pet him and keep him company while I was inside.  Lots of nice people around here.

On the way home I stopped at a water dispenser and got seven gallons of water and then dumped the small trash bag behind the laundromat and we on our way.  Quickly, hand pressed the wrinkled stuff and put everything away and then had lunch.  Breakfast and lunch.  Two for three so far today.  Maybe if I finish this blog at a decent hour, I'll get to have dinner.

Laid around the RV till it just felt too hot and then we hopped in the Jeep around 4:30 to run up S22 about two miles to see Fonts Point.  It is located about four miles up a sandy wash.  The sign says 4 wheel drive only and probably advisable.  Lots of sand. 
Coyote Mountain behind the Jeep.
Put Yuma on a leash.  It just drops off at the end of Fonts Point.  Very dangerous if you're careless.  No guardrails!
Yuma took one look and stepped back.
The badlands!
Looking back at Clark Dry Lake with the tail of Coyote Mountain to the left.
Sharp drop-off just beyond that plant.  Salton Sea in the distance.
Looking to the south across the badlands.
Yuma does not like looking over that cliff!

Much happier in the Jeep.

Sun is going down, so we better get back to camp.
That was it for our day.  Not bad and I'm done with laundry for at least a month(: !

See you later.


  1. Glad you got your laundry done. That's always a tedious job. Font's Point is so pretty, overlooking the Badlands. I can see why Yuma doesnt want to get too close to the edge. Really super picture of organ pipe cactus. He looked like an old fellow. Have a good night. ❤

  2. Thanks Dolly. So glad to have that chore done.

    Glad I went up to Fonts Point. I had forgotten how pretty it is.

    Good night.❤

  3. Great shots of the badlands. Yuma is a very wise doggy!
    I love that picture of the catus behind the Jeep. The roots are clear of the sand, I assume from blowing and shifting. Is it an Ocotillo?

    1. Thanks Dave. Yuma is afraid of heights but had his leash on in case he sees a bird or rabbit. Then he doesn't think.

      It was an older thick limbed Ocotillo.

  4. The cliff Yuma is afraid of is where I set my dad's ashes free. Always nice to see others enjoy the views of "The sweepings of the earth." ~Padre Font, it is an amazing view of the Badlands. The library will have a copy of "Last Days in the Desert", which was filmed at Font's Point.

    1. Thanks Jeff. I remember you telling us about setting your Dad's ashes free there. Such a beautiful place.

  5. Nice that you got the laundry done and love your pictures from Fonts point and the Badlands

    1. Thanks George. Rough four miles to get there but worth it.

  6. Seems whenever Kelly puts the quarters in those machines they work fine and when I do they don't. Font's point is always a worthwhile sandy drive to get there and the badland views never disappoint. It's a 'must see' spot in the Borrego Springs area.

    1. I hate those machines. I think they must only work for women and not for us guys. Aggravating!

      Every year I go back there and it is more beautiful than the year before. The landscape changes each hour of the day so it is always different.

  7. You are so much like Ken with the putting the clothes from the dryer to a bag..I always fold while there..too funny! Fonts point is beautiful, but good thing you put Yuma's leash on. Are you one of those people who go right to the edge? Ken always says he's not, but I always end up yelling at him to get back..geezzz...

    1. My clothes weren't quite dry so you can imagine how wrinkled my shirts were when I got home.

      I would hate to see Yuma fall, so felt much better with him on a leash even though he is afraid of heights.

      I'm afraid of heights too, so just peek over without getting too close.😫

  8. I really, really like your last picture.
    I never like laundry day which is why I am sad we are having trouble with our washer/dryer I like a load here and there when I am doing other sitting outside enjoy the view.
    Tom and I visited Fonts Point last year and the views were so beautiful. Though you are right about getting to close to the edge. Your pictures of it are wonderful makes us want to take the ride again.

    1. It's worth doing every year you're here. Not far away.

      It can be pretty in the southwest when the sun gets low on the horizon. The browns get a Golden Glow to them.

  9. Wonderful pictures. It's on the list for next visit.

    I don't mind doing laundry but I enjoy reading while washer/dryer are doing the work. The folding is the only actual chore to doing the laundry I think. Feed the quarters slower, it stops the jamming. Although I've found some quarters just won't feed into a machines but will others. It's weird.

    Glad you enjoyed your day.

    1. I found out the hard way that slow is the way to go.

      It is not far up the road so be sure to visit there when you have the chance.

  10. FYI - I left you a comment this morning and also one for Gypsy - they both said they published - and I saw them - but now they are both gone ??? Oh well, it's a mystery - didn't want you to think I disappeared 😀 Beautiful photos of Badlands and Yuma. See you tomorrow !!

  11. Thanks Moonfly. Had a great time at Font's Point. Close by so no long trip. Being way out with bad reception plays havoc to data so I'm not surprised when things get lost. I just hate it when I have to retype everything 😠